Pederson Fired

Athletic director Steve Pederson is out at the University of Nebraska.

KETV was the only station at the chancellor’s office in Lincoln as Pederson arrived, then left roughly seven minutes later. KETV was the first to report that Steve Pederson had been fired as the athletic director.
If you’ve been monitoring this blog, you know we’ve been keeping you up-to-date since this morning.

Here is the official statement from the university:
Lincoln, Neb., Oct. 15, 2007 — University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor Harvey Perlman today announced he has asked UNL Athletic Director Steve Pederson to step down from the post he has held since January 2003. Perlman said he believes Pederson is no longer positioned to move the Athletic Department forward.
“We are of course disappointed about the progress in our football program. Steve has done many positive things for Husker athletics during his tenure but I think only new leadership can objectively assess the state of our program and make the decisions necessary to move us forward,” Perlman said.
Pederson’s contract was renewed for five years at the end of July.
“You make the best decision you can with the information you have,” Perlman said. Since then, Perlman says he has noted a decline in morale in the Athletic Department, and growing concern about retention of key personnel.
Perlman said he will immediately initiate conversations to identify an interim athletic director with full authority to assess the state of the Athletic Department and its athletic programs and to make any decision necessary to advance those programs. He also indicated his intention to consult with a national search consultant to begin the process for selection of a new permanent athletic director.
“It is not clear how long such a process will take or its precise form. It is important it be done expeditiously but thoughtfully,” Perlman said.
“The selection of Steve Pederson in 2003 as athletic director was widely thought to be the only clear choice because of his experience, his roots and his knowledge of our traditions. I know Steve made the decisions he thought best for the interests of the program and the university. I am disappointed that I had to come to this decision.”
At roughly 5:57pm, Steve Pederson released this statement through the university:
The University of Nebraska has been an incredibly special place to my family and me for more than three decades. Whether it was during my time as a Nebraska student, staff member or athletic director, I have always been tremendously proud to call myself a Cornhusker.
Being Nebraska’s athletic director was not merely a job for me. I viewed it as an honor and important duty to serve the Nebraska tradition of academic and athletic excellence. During the last five years we have enjoyed many successes and also faced a number of difficult challenges. In the midst of both, we always made our decisions based on what was in the very best interests of our university and its outstanding student-athletes.
On and off the field, we worked passionately and tirelessly to not just win, but win the right way. We can take great pride in the fact that Nebraska still sets the national standard when it comes to producing Academic All-Americans. We have been able to build state-of-the-art facilities like the North Stadium project, but in a financially responsible way. And we have hired new coaches and staff members who are dedicated to success on the field, in the classroom and in the lives of our student-athletes well after their last game has been played.
I would like to thank the great friends and supporters of Nebraska who have been loyal to us the whole way through. Finally, and most importantly, I want to thank our student-athletes, coaches and staff. It has been an honor to work with you and I wish you only the very best.

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  2. Is it true that Steve Pederson has been fired and Tom Osborne is taking over?

  3. Why on earth would they allow that worthless Calahan to stay on until the end of the year. Do the regents really thing this will appease the fan base, or should I say the MONEY which funds the program? GET RID OF CALAHAN AS WELL. ASAP!!!!

  4. Any substance to the rumors that Steve Pederson has been removed as AD?

  5. Leave the West Coast Offense on the west coast. This whole thing started with Steve Pederson’s reaction to Solich. Maybe, just maybe Perderson was wrong. Just why does Callahan get breaks and Solich did not? I would personally put my money on the Nebraska walk on program rather than some miracle child that is recruited. Why did McBride go? I guess we all know that. He did a super job and so did others. Why clean out the coaches? Nebraska needs to get back to Nebraska FB. Yes, it will take a few years to get it back but at least it would be heading in the right direction.

  6. What a pathetic display of college football. How long has Callahan been coaching? The only reason he won a super bowl is because of the work John Grudin set into place. When we let Bo Pelini slip through our fingers it was all over from that point.

  7. Here in conservative Nebraska all we have is college football. No pro teams of any kind, well along with the high tax’s and questionable government, we need a good college football team. Scuba Steve needs to go bag groceries at Hy-Vee, and leave the athletic memorandum to someone who doesn’t have punch me written all over his face!!.

  8. Rumors are flying around on the radio Pederson’s job is ending or close to ending. It was said on the radio that he’s out and someone new will come in and make changes at the end of the year.

    They are rumors though….do you guys at KETV know anything about this?

  9. No TV exposure for the Texas A&M game.

    I’m dumping my Pop Secret Homestyle and Tostitos Scoops stocks.

    Putting it all on Milwaukees Best Light and Scott’s Lawn Fertilizer.

    Go Big Red

  10. I think that people need to pick their side: either your a husker fan or your not!! One week you see people in the bars saying how their the number 1 nebraska fan then the huskers start struggling and that same fan is throwing their nebraska hoodies away!!

  11. schicky you work too hard.

    perhaps if BC and Coz stayed up till 2am trying to come up with a game plan that’s realistic and a way to convey it to the players, we might have a prayer against A&M. also teaching the basics of tackling might be a good idea. i’ve never seen so many half-assed tackle attempts and players so clueless about their defensive assignments this late in the season before.

    on a different note, if NU cleans house, pederson needs to be the first one to go. no respectable coach will even consider coming here with him as AD.

  12. Fire Steve Pederson!


  13. I am a “true” Nebraska fan, but seriously how much more of this are we supposed to take? Failure has never been an option with this program and it seems that failure is the only thing they are doing well.

  14. NU needs to take out the dirty laundry and burn it!!!! Then Start over with coaches that can actually coach the fundamentals of the game!

  15. Psssst. Schick, what’s all this I hear about Pederson finally being shown the door and maybe even Tom Osborne coming in as the interim Athletic Director?

    You can tell me…It won’t go any further than the internet, I swear.

  16. I predicted after the Missouri game, Nebraska would not win another game this season…
    After Saturdays showing I’m certain.

  17. I said at the beginning of the season that we’d lose 5 games. I stick with that statement and now will add, we won’t win another game this year. Callahan has lost this team as he did with his final year at the Raiders. He didn’t win a Super Bowl with them and he won’t lead us to a National Championship here. GET OUT! And take Cosgrove and Pedersen with you. Jeff K.

  18. My gut feeling is that Cosgrove will be handed his walking papers. AKA “a voluntary resignation” as far as we’re concerned. It’s an imediate change to calm Husker fans, there’s no buy-out there and no real impact to an already disappointing season.
    It also gives those in power time to evaluate (with level heads) the direction of the program in regards to AD Steve Pederson and Coach Callahan. Coach Tom Osborne will likely head or at least be part of an evaluation committee.

    Just for fun how about we predict who’ll be named interim Defensive Coordinator for the rest of 2007.
    Click their names for their Bios.

    Go Big Red

  19. I don’t know how you can make anybody the “scapegoat” the offense isn’t doing anything either. If you look at the play calling and how long it takes there is obviously a problem, no other team is as bad at it as NU. It really seems to me the West Coast Offense is way to complicated for this level things need to be simplified and get back to the fundementals of football. Is the reason we get rid of Pederson is so he can’t make another bad hire??? Right now it all rests on BC and nobody else. Matt can you please answer the question about Pederson??

  20. My guess for interim Defensive Coordinator is ‘Bill Busch‘.

    Go Big Red

  21. I left at halftime Saturday, and had to stand in line to get out of the West stadium. I have been a season ticket holder and DONER for 20 years. This team reminds me of the old Kansas State teams along with poor coaching on both sides of the ball. Those games were over at halftime. Remember?
    It took Kansas State many years to get a clue. How long is it going to take Nebraska to get a clue? There was no one in line for concessions, but again, there was a line to get out of the stadium.
    My question is, loyal fans, if you owned an automobile that was a lemon, would you spend your hard earned money next year (or next season) on that same product or would you spend it elsewhere?
    Think about it.
    Dandy Don.

  22. Please, please, please tell me that what I’m hearing is true. I’ve been waiting for verification since late last night. Please tell me that change is happening right now. Buying them out will be cheaper than losing all the money from supporters. Even though Tom wouldn’t be here for the long haul, at least we know he would get it back on the right track and headed in the right direction. Hope is alive and well in Huskerland.

  23. Loosing Faith….

    Do you believe this is the best coaching staff Nebraska can have in the entire nation?
    Do you believe this is the coaching staff that will take us to the national and conference championships year after year?
    Do you believe this is the coaching staff Pederson envisioned to have in Nebraska that will take this program to its glory when he made his coaching change 4 years ago?

    How many more records must be broken before you realize this program is going in the wrong direction after 4 years under bill callahan?

    Every weekend I see huskers play, rather than having fun, my whole weekend is spoiled due to the agony and pain caused by watching the miserable performances week after week. I am deeply hurt from the lack of responsibility from the coaching staff not to show any progress even after 4 years.

    Before I am forced to loose my faith in the husker football program, If no coaching changes will be made, I hope the chancellor atleast have the heart to speakout to the husker nation about the reality. my only sincere pledge to them is “Please, have the heart and address this issue”. No more talks that sound “Business as usual”. Nebraska football is not a business and it never was. Its a symbol for tradition, pride and honor. If few people calls it foul, they can be ignored. When hundreds of thousand people are calling it foul its common sense to realize something is wrong. Before thousands of fans loose their faith, Please listen to the woes of husker fans. Do Something.

  24. Definition of Insanity:

    Repeating the same things over and over again and expecting a different result each time.

    Sound familiar? Sounds like our Husker coaching staff right now!

    Take a hint guys–it’s time for you all to GO!

  25. Bring Osborne back as Athletic Director and interim coach. Callahan and all the coaching staff need to be removed ASAP.

  26. Callahan has been PAID $72,000 in the month of October, more than most Husker fans EARN in a year. The last time Nebraskans saw more spent for less return was the Pete Ricketts Senate campaign.

  27. being a die-hard husker fan these days has become a difficult chalange
    i have see the very highs of this team and the increadible lows (Saturday’s game) the Cornhuskers are not playing with any heart like in the past. We need some real athleates with chips on there sholders that are playing for the name on the front and not the money that they will get for the name on the back.

  28. Was Saturday’s game the Aloha Bowl for Pederson and Callahan? And why should Bill be blamed for our wide spread hearing defect? We’ve all thought he was saying ‘West Coast’ offense, when he really has been saying ‘Worst Case’ offense.

  29. I will always stand next to the huskers, we have to remember there just kids trying to play out there dreams. However, that coaching staff need to spiff up there game.

  30. What do you know about that Peterson and Cosgrove are out and that Tom O. is acting athletic director?

  31. Definition of Insanity: Trying the same things over and over again and expecting a different result.

    Sounds like our Husker Coaching staff right now.

  32. I find no fault with the players, and I do not boo them. They are carrying out the plans of their coaches, to the best of their ability. Their loyalty to those coaches, by not blaming them, is either blind or misguided. I boo cosgrove and pederson(I am not case sensitive to what I do not respect). callahan’s loyalty is misplaced. he is loyal to cos when he should be loyal to the players and the program.


  34. “At around 1:22pm, KETV reporters saw athletic director Steve Pederson walking into Chancellor Harvey Pearlman’s office.”

    Hmmmm…The plot thickens!

    Somehow I doubt the Chancellor is calling Pederson in to say, “Pedey, you’re doing a heck of a job!”

  35. Just announced on 1620 The Zone Pederson just left Pearlman’s office and an announcement will be made at 2:15 P.M.

  36. Lets get back to the real NEBRASKA
    Tom Osbourne-Athletic Director
    Turner Gill-Head Coach

  37. Well I have seen enough it’s time for pederson to go along with the coaching staff.Have any of you seen what a member from the board of Regents has said. He Randy Frlic said huskers fans should back off on call s to make a change in the AD dept. and for this “Lynch mob mentality” to stop I say we show him the door come election time. Boot them all how mant time have you ever seen fans walk out in numbers like that???. Care to tell us Randy what you think of that!

  38. WOW!!!!

    Started at the top.

    Bye Bye Steve.

    Go Big Red

  39. the head of the snake is gone

  40. Yep – Pederson is OUT!

  41. Just saw the breaking news. I had seen on the Husker Nation blog that this was going to happen. The next steps according to one of the bloggers is that Osborne will be announced as interium AD, and there is an attempt ongoing to get Bo Pelini back.

    One can only hope.

  42. Hey Schick. Great work today staying on this story and keeping us up to date!

    Here at work, I have no TV or radio so my only link to the outside world is the internet. Thanks for keeping us all up to date!

    And as much as we were all salivating for details, you posted facts and not rumors…Good for you!

  43. Finally, the fans have been heard.

    Now get rid of the coach!

  44. Finally something positive has happened in Husker Nation! One down two to go!

  45. Praise the Lord!
    The fans spoke and Perlman listened. I’ve just put my Nebraska flag out.

  46. Thank Heavens!!
    Now, maybe, we can get back to being mediocre!!

  47. How about this Matt. Pearlman talks Dr. Tom into taking the interim AD position, Dr. Tom brings in Dave Remington to assist. They rebuild the program, and Dave stays as AD. In the meantime Cosgrove needs to go, then bring in Grant Wistrom, Mike Minter, and Jason Peter to finish the season coaching defense. They could shore that defense up quickly.

  48. Tom Osborne please get your children out of the street.

  49. Later, Steve.

  50. I don’t care about Steve Pederson or even Nebraske football as far as that goes but Perlman is the one showing he can be pushed around here.

    About three months ago he gave Pederson a 5 year extension and now because people with money tell him to he fires him.

    Tom Osborne is the only person that the self proclaimed greatest fans in the world will want.

  51. It is about time! Let’s get rid of Cosgrove tomorrow and Callahan on Wednesday! That would make my week and you should have heard the cheers at the office when the e-mail went out. Now it time to restore the order!

  52. I’ve never liked Pederson or Callahan or the “west coast offense” idea. The pro-footrest idea seemed appealing at the time. I still abhor the firing of Solich and the way it was handled. But I also didn’t and don’t hate Pederson or Callahan and figured time would tell.

    Well now, thank goodness Pederson is gone, and the obvious insanity is slowly going to come to an end. We love and value all of our Husker teams so much, which makes it all the more painful when events like these unfold. You can’t have any highs without the lows, and Peterson and Callahan can be remembered for providing the lows.

    Cosgrove is renowned for being worthless, and if he can go now too, the rest of the season could become respectable. It probably isn’t appropriate to axe Callahan at this point (unless the players demand it), but hopefully the interim Athletic Director takes steps after the season has concluded.

    Go Big Red!

  53. It’s because I am a HUSKER FAN that I think there needs to be changes in coaching staff. We have some of top receivers, a supposedly good quarterback, and some running backs with talent. Our BLACKSHIRTS used to be one of the most respected defenses in the nation. These kids deserve better! Callahan and Cosgrove can find another program to dismantle!!

  54. Little BO PELINI! We’ve extinquished the “wolf”! The sheep are lost! Come quickly back to Nebraska!!

  55. It’s a great day in Nebraska!!
    So long Steve!
    Bill, get your bags ready.
    Bill will stay on until the end of this dismal season, which will end with Nebraska NOT going to a bowl game.
    Please bring Tom back as interim AD and let’s bring back the true tradition of Nebraska football.

  56. I heard the rumor of Osborne coming in for a couple of years…any truth to that?

  57. I’m gald someone finally stepped up and got rid of Pederson. Where’s Osborne at? Can we hire Tom? And then maybe a new coaching staff. Call Bo Polini and Turner Gill, give him an offer they can’t refuse, later Cosgrove, we need a DEFENSIVE coach, not a cinderella man. Solich! all eye’s are on you my man. I think you should be ready to suite up in RED again. Bring back the coaching staff that new BIG RED FOOTBALL TRADITION!!!!

  58. I hope Pederson isn’t the only one to be “asked to leave”. There are a few coaches who need to be shown the door also.

  59. As a husker fan, outside of the state. Good riddance ! Callahan should be collateral damage. Time to bring Pellini back and “Restore the Order”

    Phil P.
    Atlanta, Georgia

  60. I’m glad Pederson is gone. But as the mother of a college football player, whose coach was fired last year, losing a coach now would be devastating to the kids. As much as I’d like to see Callahan and his cronies gone too, don’t do that to the players. Finish out the season, as hard as that may be, and THEN do something.

  61. I’m glad Pederson is gone, but he and the rest of them should have gotten canned LAST YEAR. Their shenanigans illustrate some reasons why Nebraska is still looked at as a ‘flyover’ state. Please expedite the removals of all other offending parties, ASAP!



  63. Kewl! Emperor Nimrod is gone. So when are Marie and Louie gettin’ the ax?

  64. Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. Fire all of the coaches along with Pederson! Don’t encourage Callahan by giving him a 50,000 dollar raise! Do research on Navy’s coach. He is simply AMAZING! Consider giving him a good deal. I am ten years old and it is obvious to me what we are dealing with. GO BIG RED!

  65. I think Callahan should be forced to follow Pederson since he has created this train-wreck for the huskers! Get rid of Callahan and give our players a chance to make a comeback. I feel sorry for the seniors that had high hopes when coming to play for the huskers and get stuck with Callahan! GET RID OF COSGROVE AND CALLAHAN; the players can do better w/ no coaches than those to idiots!

  66. About time. I always figured Pedersen had an ulterior motive in firing Solich and hiring Callahan. Now it’s time to fix his mistakes and get rid of Callahan. He’s a pro coach, not a college coach. He has done no better than what Solich did. I was never so happy to see the breaking news!

  67. Thank god! The staffing and coaching changes that Pederson made during his tenure were disasterous for the team. We can only hope that Callahan is next. We need someone in place with Osborne’s spirit and tenacity. I have been a loyal fan my whole life and have continued to support the Huskers during the last few years, and I truly hope this means better things for the team in the future. Looking forward to see what’s next for them!

  68. I understnad how the fans are fuming over the whole Pederson/Callahan issue, but one thing I don’t understand is this: Why did Solich get fired in the first place? I mean he was doing a pretty good job, regardless if NU were national champs or not, he DID have a pretty good record. Second: Bo Pellini should have had the job when Solich got fired, I mean he DID have the respect of the team (not saying that Solich didn’t) and he won a bowl game. But he got slapped in the face and booted out the door too. I’m glad Pederson is gone, but if the fans don’t rally behind the team, what’s the point? Going thru so many changes in the past few years pretty much summed up how NU was going to look. The fans need to rally behind the players, thru good and bad times. I can imagine how those kids felt when people started to leave at halftime. You can’t say GO BIG RED only when they’re winning, you have to support them even when they are getting beat down. A true Husker fan would stay until the end, and hold their heads up high, and keep a positive perspective about the situation. To NU, I wish you the best at adjusting to the recent situation, and to the true Husker fan, don’t give up. To all the so-call fans, if you’re just there to be seen when NU was winning, and not be there for them when they were down, then you were right to leave because you’re not a True Husker Fan AT ALL…

  69. Tom Osborne needs to step up and right the ship.

  70. Thank you lord!!! Its a HAPPY DAY in husker land Lets get the rest of the football “coaches” gone and someone who know what the heck their doing in there!!!

  71. You all need to get a life who cares if they win or loses it is a game this state is so into Nebraska football it is out of control WHO CARES

  72. I would like to see Nebraska draft Osborne as A.D…We all know how desparately this program needs leadership. This politically “red” state loves to talk about traditional values so let’s put our talk into action and return to traditional Nebraska football. There used to be a saying about our team, “Nebraska doesn’t rebuild, it reloads.” Everything that made the team great is still there. It just needs the leadership to put the pieces back together.

  73. Hmmm, not that I had any loyalty towards SP, but his firing seems like a bandaid on a sucking chest wound. Maybe Calahan has done some good, we’ve actually had a couple of QBs who understand the aerodynamics of a football and how it can be “thrown”. On the other hand, Kevin Cosgrove doesn’t appear to be of the caliber of dare I mention his name “Bo Pellini?” Course for that matter he didn’t do so bad as a head coach as brief as it was…hmmmm again.. TO for AD.

  74. Who really cares? I mean this is all that has been on the news for the past 2 1/2 hours, waiting for the weather segment and was suprised not to see “Cloudy and rainy over Steve Pederson’s House”! There is more to life than worrying about this!

  75. Now we are getting somewhere! Let’s take out some more garbage and start getting this nebraska program back where should be and back to what we KNOW it can be.

  76. It sounds terrible, but I haven’t been this excited over someone being fired since, well, Nixon!


  78. The clear question here is why isn’t calahan and cosgrove being shown the door as well? I’ve been a husker fan since I was in diapers and this is absolutely the worst outing that I have ever seen…. ever!!! Wonder what Solich is thinking right now, probably laughing his butt off!

  79. Time to move on Callahan. Bring back Pelini, or someone with some fire.
    Bring back the BIG RED of OLD!!

  80. The players could coach themselves better than this rag-tag crew. They obviously aren’t succeding in improving. Fire all the coaches, and bring back the old ones, no matter how much it costs.


  82. Wow..I guess the fair weather fans of Nebraska got what they want. What messages does today action tell our players about the rest of their season..Now who is going to motivate. Next we should fire the players. Maybe that would satifiy everyone.

  83. steve pederson is just the first step, everyone knows it’s not the players fault, its the higher ups. Getting rid of pederson is the right thing to do. This is a great day in Nebraska history.

  84. I thought Solich should have been fired the year before it happened. Still I was happy he got the axe. He wasn’t the right man to recruit. But now, I am happier than I have been for a long time (in terms of my love of NU Football). Goodbye Steve Pederson. Please let the door smack your ass hard on the way out. Welcome back Dr. Tom!!!!!!!!!


  86. There is a God!!!

  87. How do you spell a Nebr. football fan?W_H_I_N_E_R!!! Now that Pederson is gone remember the grass may look greener but you still gotta mow it!!!! My prediction more weeds & grubs in the future!!!!

  88. All I can say about Steve Pederson is that I am glad that he is gone. He was an ego maniac and a cocky jerk. Good riddence. Don’t go away mad Steve, just go far away!!

  89. Though I’m a Hurricane fan I can say it’s finally a GREAT DAY in Husker nation…Pederson’s ass is gone…Refocus Big Red…refocus

  90. And Oh I forgot to add…. I missed my Frank

  91. The removal of Pederson is just the start, you can put all the lipstick on a PIG you want, IT’S STILL A PIG!!!

  92. Steve Pederson is fired!! YYYY EEE AAA HHH!!!! Now all we need is for Callahan to go, and maybe we can restore Husker football to its past glory!

  93. I don’t know how all of this leaves the players. My 7yo son saw his first Husker game against Nevada. He experienced the enthusiasm and tradition that is Nebraska football–I am grateful as I have been a fan since I was small. He believes in you and your talents as yet do many of us. So to the players, play for all the little ones who share the dream, play for the love of the game, and play for each other.

  94. Bout time Pederson goes!!! Now lets work the defensive side!!

  95. If anyone thinks that firing Pedersen is going to help anything now…well, I bet they were the same ones that said a 9-3 season wasn’t good enough. Grow up, Nebraska. Everyone has to go through a slump.

  96. About time!

  97. Amen. Now we just need to get rid of Callahan and Cosgrove. Tom Osborne – we need you. Please help revive the Husker Tradition.

  98. That’s #1.

    Now for #2 (Callahan) and #3(Cosgrave).

    This has been coming since the firing of Frankie.

  99. Where’s BO – at least they acted like they wanted to play football when he was here.

  100. Wow this is a firing for the fans. This is for all those that booed a couple of weeks ago. This is for all The Frank fans…The game is about the kids not the fans..Let support the team & our coaches…Now that you got what you wanted..How do we explain it to the players

  101. Only 2 staff people responded to Pearlman’s inquiries regarding Pederson during the review process? Why would any organization ever offer a contract extension with so little feed back? This should have been a red flag that something was wrong. I think the chancellor may need to update his resume’ as well!

  102. Kudos to Perlman for moving quickly to fire Pederson. He needed to make Pederson accountable for the mistakes in judgement he’s made the past 5 years.

  103. Ya we did it.Now lets Bring Tom back!!!!!!!!

  104. Some fans might say what goes around, comes around after the Solich firing by Pederson. Water runs downhill so if there is other tension in the ranks find it and get rid of it so the team can play football and actually like being out there!

  105. Firing Pederson still isn’t gonna win football games. You still have the same coaches and the same players with the same schemes. It’s like changing cars but you still have 4 bad tires. Good luck Husker fans.

  106. Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. Fire all of the football coaches along with Pederson! Do some researchy on Navy’s coach, he is simply AMAZING! They should consider giving him a deal instead of giving Callahan a raise. I think it is the dumbest thing to give Callahan a 50,000 dollar raise after what he has done to our team. I am ten years old and it is obvious to me what we are dealing with. GO BIG RED!

  107. It’s about time! The only thing missing in the majority of Husker Fan’s makeup is a bit of humility! Perhaps now you’ll put away your high-horses. To those fan’s who left the game at half time…that’s some show of support. Shows them to be the phonies they really are!

  108. It’s about time Peterson left. One bad apple can spoil the whole basket and hopefully not to many apples were starting to spoil because of him!

  109. It is about time they got rid of the AD. It should have happened when he fired Coach Solich, or Coach Pelini…now lets get rid of Coach Cosgrove and maybe, just maybe our NE Huskers will comeback home. I still love them and support them and I always will. I will be 60 in a few weeks and have followed NE football every since I was old enough to say “Go Huskers” and I will continue to do so until I can’t speak anymore!

  110. This firing was long over due. I never did like Pedersen from the start and never was crazy about Callahan. Callahan has not the Nebraska heart to make it..his is in west coast.

  111. I have lived here 20\21 years of my life. I’m not a huge fan of the Huskers, but I have RESPECT for the players as some are my friends, and the staff because they are working men. The FANS have NO HEART!!! They only love their team when they win. They always leave anytime the team is in a rough spot which is when they need support the most. Its sad that our own state are our own biggest bandwagon fans.

  112. 2 things to add to the misery that we all feel right now about the football program are the following:

    1) TV revenue has already suffered from this debacle (note Texas A&M game was originally to be broadcast, now it’s not). How long can the Nebraska football program (and the rest of the Athletic Department) survive (much less thrive) without the revenue?

    2) Recruiting would be hard even for Coach Osborne at this point. Can you imagine the conversation to recruit? ‘Bad things sometimes happen to good people …’ – that sounds wonderful doesn’t it? I know it would make me want to sign to play with Nebraska (NOT!!!).

    The firing of Pederson was a start in the right direction, but more changes must occur IMMEDIATELY to fend off further issues that will decimate this program for years to come. This year is more or less finished but the program is now the issue going forward.

  113. One loser gone. One to go and his cronies

  114. My thoughts have always been, that Bill Callahan needs to go also.
    We then need to to approach Mr. Herbstreit the Ohio State alumni about our Coaching position.

  115. Let’s say TO does take the AD post as interim I have a name for next year Dan McCarney. He was probably one of the most respected coaches in the Big 12 and is well aware of what an AD shouldn’t do.
    However given USF’s success this year he maybe hard to get.

  116. What a great day in Nebraska Football History. The firing of Steve Pedersen. Now for the new AD to finish the process and clean out the coaching staff. Good bye Bill and Kevin.


  118. It’s about time. Now Callahan, Cosgrove and the rest of the coaches need to go. The coaches do not have any control or desire to get the team to work together as a team. Right now, the football team consists of individual people, not a cohesive team that works together. A true coach would have that already. Callahan said 3 years ago, he was not winning due to still having recruits from Solich. Now the recruits are his, and there is no cohesiveness in the team.

  119. I’m glad Steve Pederson was fired. All of the other coaches should be fired to, therefore we can start off with a clean slate,and maybe we can win some games.

  120. Harvey Perlman demonstrated on TV what is wrong with the football program. For a University Chancellor to act like he did on statewide TV was a disgrace. Who hired him? They might reconsider their decision. This thing just keeps on growing. But lets start demanding Perlman leave.


  122. I still love Husker football, the guys are the best and I will watch them til the bitter end, I won’t walk out on them. BUT the coaching staff is another story, what are you thinking. Do you know the definition of insanity, to keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result. Show a little fire in your gut Callahan, if you don’t get fired up how do you expect our guys to? That is what Husker football has always been about, the fire in the belly, catch it or get out!!!. AND by the way SO LONG PEDERSEN.

  123. The firing of Steve Pederson kinda reminds you of the song Frank Sinatra used to sing, “This could be the start of something good”

  124. I’m not much of a sports fan, in fact the ONLY sport I follow regularly is UNL Football. The way that I see it , the players should HAVE to earn their positions each week. And the Black Shirts, especially, need to earn them!

  125. We want Pelini back!!! Fire Callahan. Bo is the man for the job!

  126. I wonder if fans are living in reality. Although it is a good thing Pederson was fired many may not realize the tough road ahead Callahan or no Callahan.

  127. If you want Pederson gone, that’s all well and good; But one other glaring blight on the team that has to go is Corey McKeon.

  128. Excellent day in Husker land. The weasel is out of the hen house. One down, three to go.

  129. Na Na Na Naaa
    Na Na Na Naaa
    Hey Hey Hey

    Next, Cosgrove and Callahan!

  130. Who else should go? Perlman! Where’s he been for the last 4 years. We need a Chancellor that pays attention and knows what’s going on. He should be held finacially liable.

  131. I think Callahan and Cosgrove should be the next ones to go. They are doing nothing for us, but bringing the program down. They have no one to blame, but themselves. Coaches must coach the players and they obviously aren’t doing a good job at it.

  132. In the wake of Steve Pederson’s firing, I think the underlying statement is the fact that those within his own office were losing faith in him as a leader. I know it hurt the University mightly when Paul Myers resigned last week. His integrity was never questioned, but I believe he just couldn’t work under the current regime. Let’s hope the new regime brings Paul back on board, as he is a great ambassador for Husker athletics.

  133. This mess starts at the top, and I don’t mean Pererson.
    Pearlman should go for his bad decision making. As
    hiring Pederson. As giving Pederson and Callahan five year extensions. Those two should have been glad to have jobs, not given extensions. Pearlman
    turned the campus over to drugee Tommy
    Lee as he thought it
    would be good publicity.These people should forfeit their contracts.

  134. Firing Peterson will not help the Football team get back to the winning level. The fault came from the fans, they only wanted the team to win and when they lose, what did they do? They boo them instead of cheering them and let them know that they will back them no matter what, that is a true and loyal fans should be.
    Callahan is a good coach, and he is doing all he can to get the players back to their level. It is not easy to train players within a short period of time.

  135. we are a proud state and proud of the university and the football program. the ad and the coaches have destoyed a tradition in this state that will take a long time to rebuild-thanks all of you pederson and the others!!!

  136. I am very disappointed with
    the release of Steve Pederso.
    Steve showed enormous courage and professionalism
    as AD. Steve loved the University of Nebraska and the State of Nebraska. I think it is about time Nebraska people showed some class and dignity and
    support their football team “in all kinds of

  137. I see the Nebraska fair weather fans are out in full force. Wake up folks! Nebraska is fortunate to have Callahan as a coach. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

  138. This is the price of arrogance. Steve Pederson was arrogant enough to believe he had all the answers. Arrogant enough to disgard tradition in favor of his personal vision. Arrogant enough to believe anyone who disagreed with him just wasn’t as smart or visionary as him. Arrogant enough to be handed his dream job and then trample on the very things that made it his dream job. The price he has paid for his arrogance is high. So is the price he made the State of Nebraska and the many men who proudly wore the scarlet and cream pay.

  139. While you take pictures and receive comments from the folks in some bars of higher learning who are no doubt heavy donrs to HUSKER athletics, check out what Mr. Cook, yes the one with buildings at the athletic complex had to say.
    Be careful when your goring oxes.

  140. From what my sources up in Nebraska tell me is that the three biggest boosters from Nebraska had seen enough. They said that they will spend 40 million to buy-out Petersen and Callahan’s contract. Also they said they would have to make sure Osborne is back in the Athletic Department or they would stop funding Nebraska privatly. This was told to me around 8 AM this Morning before all this went down today. And looks like they were not lieing because Petersen’s contract is being bought from “private” funds Pearlman said!!!

  141. Hire Larry the Cable Guy as AD, Bo P. as head coach, Turner as offensive coach, and Grant Winstrom as defensive coach.

  142. It’s too bad people in this state doesn’t get as fired up about the academic side of UNL. I don’t see backers donating big money to academics. The professors don’t make the kind of salary UNL’s coaches and AD receive. Why is it the Husker Nation have no interest in the quality of education the students receive, but concern themselves only about the GAME?

  143. I agree with the firing of Steve Pedersen. Part of me wants to stick with Bill Callahan, but I definitely think we need to fire Cosgrove. I also think we need to revitalize the walk-on program. Those guys bleed Husker red and will work harder just for the pride of playing for this great university. The five-star recruits are enticed by the pro football background of our coach and their own opportunism. Let’s get back to basics, in personnel and in schemes. Let the guys play with their instincts sometimes! They need to have fun, not feel like they are taking an exam.

  144. Oh come on!! Those of us who are happy Pederson is gone (and Callahan and Cosgrove next) aren’t “fair weather fans”. Do you mean to tell me that what has happened to our football program over the past 4 years hasn’t broken your heart and made you sick to your stomach? Restore the order?? How about restore tradition? That’s what it’s all about!! Pederson and Callahan have destroyed everything meaningful about Nebraska football, and I’m not talking about just the wins either! Coaching is what instills fire and determination in a team. Can you honestly say you’ve seen that in our players (whom I do not fault one bit for our current situation)? The coaches and media have bragged up the recruiting class year after year, but yet our playing has gone from bad to worse. Whose fault can that be?? THE COACHES, NOT THE PLAYERS!!!!!!!!!!! Hellllllooooo!!

  145. You have to wonder if in hindsight Pederson realizes the mediocrity he feared when he fired Solich was no where near as bad as the apathy he created by hiring Callahan.

    You wonder if he ever stopped to think that maybe the “dumbest team in America” had the dumbest coach in America!

  146. Crazy but look at all that Pederson did for Pittsburgh. They had a few good years with their football team and now they are back to mediocre, had a few good years in the basketball team and now they are only ok again. Pederson, it seems was trying to turn the Huskers into Pittsburgh.

  147. Note to University of Nebraska Administration: Some of us in Husker Nation work for the State of Nebraska and can’t believe that Pederson is getting more than 2 million to leave the University. We’re talking about taxpayer dollars here. Just let Pederson go and save your money for a man who can bring Nebraska back to glory: Tom Osborne.

  148. Just show some class Steve and quietly slither away. Bill and Coz will be right behind you. Maybe you can all meet up again at some high school in Montana. Perlman should have known about this guy when he offered millions to Houston Nutt. They may as well dump the other two right now. The damage is done to recruiting and keeping it up in the air just makes it worse. Everybody in America knows they’re going to clean house after the Colorado game. NU stands a better chance of keeping the recruits if the kids know there will be a good coaching staff in place for 2008. Somebody go down to LSU and beg Bo to come back.

  149. Note to University of Nebraska Administration: Some of us in Husker Nation work for the State of Nebraska and can’t believe that Pederson is getting more than 2 million to leave the University. We’re talking about taxpayer dollars here. Just let Pederson go and save your money for a man who can bring Nebraska back to glory: Tom Osborne.

  150. I think we should go after Belichek.He’s already won a couple
    super bowls and needs a new challenge.It’ll probably cost us about 10 mil a year but we can get Fahey to pass a tax to pay for it!!

  151. Like I said in an earlier post, getting rid of Pederson was a good start but you can slap all the lipstick on a pig you want, IT’S STILL A PIG!!! Keep rolling heads.

  152. Does this mean the writing is on the wall? The AD is gone will the FB staff follow in his steps? Lets not forget the whole staff doesn’t need to go at this time we have people who can run this team for the rest of the year just give them a chance and get rid of the ones at the top. Tere is a lot of good in this team it is their leadership that has let them down. I really hope they can get to a bowl with out BC, besides he will get $50k if they make. How much sense would that make???

  153. One of the major sports networks announced that there is a possibility that Bo Pelini may be offered the Head coach position. I also heard that Tom Osborn will be the AD.

    Sounds as if we are back on track!!

  154. As someone on TV wisely said “I remember when” is the lowest form of conversation. Steve Pederson tried to bring change and sound movement to the future, yes the football coaches have not performed to expectations and I want improvement, but I also want Nebraska fans, especially the over age 70 ticket holders to get out of the stadium. I am middle age, graduated from UNL and been a ticket holder for many years but I am tired of the mean old folks who don’t want change, complain about standing and always reminding others about how great fans they are. Well husker fans are nice to other schools but show no such respect to others in this state if these oldies don’t get their way. Here is my families experience at the cotton bowl during the third quarter. We stand and cheer and sit and watch. My young daughter stands during a timeout and the old geezer and his wife behind her yell, not politely to sit down. She is astonished and embarassed, I am a few seats down and ask him to refrain from talking to my daughter in such a manner and remind him it is a timeout and she is just stretching. Well I get a lecture how he and his kids are better parents than I am and how long he has been a ticket holder. This is not the only time through the years I have encountered such rude behavior from the over 70 crowd. My kids refuse to sit in east stadium and sit in north where they can cheer and have fun, which is what it is about. So when we have gotten rid of the AD and probably the coaches, lets not forget to fire or revoke the tickets of the living in the past crowd and don’t have any constructive suggestions for the future but be mean to our own fans and players while rationalizing their self rightous behavior.

  155. Remember folks, these are student athletes on the field. They don’t deserve your boo’s and jabs. They are playing their hearts out and deserve better treatment. Give the kids a break.

  156. Husker Nation has been dealt a real blow by this disappointing season…Do not stop at Pederson…we are extremely devoted fans in this state and the kids that play for this great University and the backers deserve answers…Bob Devaney would be very sad right about now !!

  157. Isn’t it funny,now that the damper steve,pre Madona of Nebr,athletic dept is finally gone.I rember a couple years ago,a guy named Bo Pelini, was to be interviewed for a possible head coaching job At Nebr,the Pre Madona,Damper steve of Nebr athletics would not even consider him for the post.But futhermore lets hire a guy who takes one pro football team to a superbowl one time.My question is answered,look where Mr.Pelini is now.

  158. When Pederson fired Solich, he did not just fire the head coach. If Solich was mixed up with a student (an unfounded, unreported rumor), you would have reason to get rid of him – but that’s not what Pederson did. Pederson dismatled an entire football probram with 40+ years of success. His apparent goal was to become the Bob Devaney of the 21st century by building the next 40 year program.

    As to firing the coaching staff, that is just not reasonable halfway thru the season. Callahan may go 4 and 8 this year, but that’s the new direction Pederson set 4 years ago when he scrapped the old program.

    Hopefully, Callahan will do something to get the offense back on track and shore up the defense. The kids on the team are busting their butts, and they deserve more than to go down in the books as the worst Nebraska team since the 1950’s. The team has the talent; they need solid coaching to make use of it.

  159. The thought of Callahan maybe being next make me sick ESPECIALLY IF we lose all of the verbal recruits that we have already for next year. That’s time and lots of $$$$ totally waisted! I’m glad that Stevie is gone! But i’m not quite ready for Billy to get the boot…Cosgrove? YES! His Defense is the absolute worse and I would love to see them oust him…as far as bringing back Pelini…I’m definately NOT if favor of that! He’s far from the class of coach that we need here at NU!

  160. Christmas in October!!! Get rid of Cosgrove and it will be like Heaven on earth. This change and the hope of upcoming changes gives us true hope that the order will finally be restored!!

  161. I think it was fine to fire Pederson. He hired Cosgrove. If Nebraska wants to win why dont they fire Cosgrove while they are at it. Come on! How can we get beat on Homecoming!?

  162. Just think how far the 2 million would go in hiring much needed policemen for the horrible crime situation in Omaha!

  163. Someone finally started doing something for Nebraska. I still believe that Pederson and Callahan was out to put nebraska players face in the mud and rubbing their nose in it. I am glad someone has finally started to wake up. Hopefully they will finish the job and get a good coach.

  164. Something very wrong with this picture, fire the guy(Pederson) and pay him 2.2 million dollars- if we fire Callahan do we need to pay him 9 million Whats the matter with these contracts 3 months after they were awarded How convient for Pederson and maybe Callahan. As the people here in Nebraska struggle with higher gas prices along with higher taxes what are we the middle and lower class people to do? We support Nebraska football WE are the ticket buyers.Anyone got the guts to Call Turner or Bo with our tail between our legs?

  165. I beleive Turner Gill and the former NU coaches should be rehired as for Bo pelini he was here 1 year not long enough to justify a head coaching position should Bill Callahan be fired fans need to remember it will take at least 3yrs to rebuild from the ground up with alot bumps in the road along the way but I say lets Get Started GO BIG RED!!!!!!!!

  166. If Harvey Perlman had doubts about Steve Pederson back in July, how did his contract get extended for 5 years? The state could have saved alot of money by simply paying out the balance of the current contract. This doesn’t make any sense. Who made this decison? This should be looked into. Once again, taxpayers money is being used for flagrant throw-away.

    Dave O.

  167. This is the best day in Husker Nation to now have an opening for Legend Tom Osborne to come home and make things right. Do it for Husker Nation Tom! P.S. We miss you very much!

    Go Huskers!

  168. Bye Steve – as you have found out, arrogance has it’s price.

    What I do not understand is Chanceller Perlman’s statement that he became aware of concerns with Pederson’s management style in July and August (duh) however he still approved Pederson’s new contract for FIVE years at the END OF JULY. This will cost the athletic department 2.2 million (remember they are still paying for the stadium renovations) AND whatever “deferred compensation agreements” mean. Good to know they are rolling in dough so they don’t need my pittance donations any longer. That’s not even considering buying out Callahan and Cosgrove’s contracts (another 5 million) which look like more of a possibility the way this season is going. Finally Perlman made the statement that he was not contacted or urged by either the regents or the donors in making his decision. Do you believe that?


    I’ve lost all faith in the decision making at the University of Nebraska. Pederson should have some company on that rail train.

  169. I think the decision to fire Steve Pederson was the right move for Chancellor Perlman. So many things have gone wrong under him. Things like the scandal on the baseball team to people leaving the department like Paul Meyers and where the football team is at. It was a move that was needed to be made and one that will help out the University in the future.

  170. Being an Iowa fan I still had great admiration for Tom Osborne. Tom go back to the huskers its where the nebraksa fans need most. Callahan step aside and let a true winner in.

  171. It’s destiny, Dr. Tom! Now do you know why you were not elected governor of this state? Greater challenges await you. Please, say YES!

  172. With the firing of Pederson I think we should bring on Larry the Cable guy. Media is saying that no one was behind Pederson, well who wouldn’t be behind Larry. Larry will “get er done!!” DJ Epperson—Papillion Ne

  173. Pederson’s gone, now that big crack in the crust of the plains can start to close, but what is Callahan going to take away from this? Let’s hope it’s a new lust for winning and maybe an option play.

  174. Wow….a ton of people that need to get a freakin life or get laid…..

  175. It is good to see the change! As a lifetime Husker fan, things just haven’t been the same since firing Coach Solich during the season. It was an act that showed no class and Husker fans are a clssy as they come. Husker Nation deserves better. Keep moving forward and GO HUSKERS!!

    One more thought…I also don’t understnad the coaching staff at Nebraska. Where is the passion? Why does Callahan have the QB run back and forth from the sideline after each play? That would get very tiring after four quarters…even for a very in shape college player.

    Living in Hawaii and still a Husekr fan!

  176. Anne….you have a good point that 2.2 million would help Omaha fight crime with new police officers, unfortunately we live in Lincoln where everyone does nothing but sit on their butt waiting for the next football game. Get a life

  177. Pederson is gone for one big reason, and that is his flat out huge arrogance. He has other failings – among them a gross lack of management skills. Ferlic things the timing is bad, but there is no good time to take this kind of action except the sooner the better. Huskerland is better off with Pederson GONE.

  178. If your a husker fan then be one and stand by your team. Firing Steve Pederson, is not gonna solve anything or any of the problems. To solve your problems you need a football team that has heart and soul and wants to play.

  179. I am a TRUE & LOYAL HUSKER FAN and always have been. This season has been so difficult to bear. I now live in Washington state and unable to attend the games. But I continue to be probably one of Washington states biggest Husker fans. For what it is worth I have put a lot of thought into my thoughts on the current situation that our program is in.

    Now that Pederson’s firing has taken place, there is no doubt in my mind that the next step is to fire Callahan and his West Coast Offense. Then should come Cosgrove’s dismissal, immediately following Callahan’s dismissal. The defensive strategies this year are the most pathetic that I have ever seen. Callahan’s West Coast offense is too complicated and has no place at Nebraska!

    I agree that mid season coaching changes are very hard on a team. As if this season has not already been difficult on this team and the players? They need leadership!! Where will we be at the end of this season if this continues? What is this season doing for any potential recruits? The changes need to happen now. At least if the rest of the season is lost, we have made changes for the better and hopefully save what is left of our pride for this season. For cripes sake this is Nebraska Football that we are talking about!!!!

    Pederson let the best coaches out of our program. McBride, Solich, and Pelini. Need I say more? These coaches were the basis for a bright future at Nebraska. Look at the program today. Where are these guys at? Why are they not at Nebraska? I know I have a lot of people that will agree with this statement, but I did not agree with Solich’s firing at the time. But nonetheless, it was what it was and I felt that Bo Pelini should have been made the head coach at that point. I am not speaking from a past perspective, I said that at the time that it was announced that Solich had been fired. I felt that there really was no other choice. Look where Bo went after leaving Nebraska. He went to Oklahoma, then on to LSU. Both of those teams are where we want to be. Bo is the real deal.

    Tom Osborne is very smart man, and I am very confident that if he would fill in as interim AD, that he can assist with setting us back in the right direction the rest of this season. The University would be very lucky to have him fill in as Ad for the rest of the season and direct the programs as he sees fit without Callahan or Cosgrove.

    Obviously we will not be able to lure Bo Pelini away from LSU at midseason. But I feel that the University of Nebraska should get down on their knees and beg this man to come back to our program and be head coach next year no matter the cost. This is the best decision that we can make. I truly believe that the Big Red faithful will have no problem with Bo Pelini as our next head coach!

    Changes need to happen now and not at the end of a disastrous season. Callahan and Cosgrove, must be gone and let the program live on. The rest of the season will be much better off without them win or lose! What do we have to lose? We are currently faced with a very good chance of a losing season, and no bowl game again.

    Let’s salvage our pride and stand up proud of our program that is making changes in the right direction! The Husker Nation will understand if we are headed in the right direction. The Nebraska faithful need to stand tall and proud and insist in these changes and support our team through these tough times! GO BIG RED!!!!!

  180. What amazes me is that I continue to be amazed! Does anybody really think all this Nebraska Football crap is really pertinent?

  181. PLEASE! I want Osborne to be re-hired as AD, and then read this blog when NU suffers a few 40+ losing games next year (as they most certainly will — Callahan or not.)

    “Get rid of Tom! What was he thinking? Where’s Devaney!?”

    This is the PERFECT STORM and I’m loving it!

    I feel like I do when I read Dante’s Inferno. Someone, maybe Aexander Payne, should write a script about Nebraska football.

  182. Altho I do think we need a change, I hope we are not in total panic mode. Firing Pedersen will NOT help this program this year or maybe not even next year. Osborne will only give us back a familiar face. Maybe for now, that’s all we need. His ability to re-create what once “was” probably will not happen. The times have changed and like it or not, this program has changed. Osborne would be able to point us to a new coach and a new staff that can take the program in a different direction. A new coach and staff is crucial to the program at this point. But nothing is going to change for awhile fans.

  183. One down and a few more to go. I believe Bill should do it the right way and just step down as head football coach. He need to coach a team that has a little more patience with the west coast offense and his style of coaching. There is another Bill out there jobless, and he did win the Super Bowl and he will bring back the intensity! For the new A.D. his last coaching job was in Pittsburgh, yes the incredible Bill Cowher. Bring him to Lincoln and he will bring back the championship caliber team.

  184. The firing of Steve Pederson was just the tip of the iceberg. This team & season is lost. Let’s bite the bullet and clean house.
    These coaches can not lead, inspire or motivate.
    It will be interesting to hear the inside scoop on what was really going on inside the football program once the seniors graduate and are able to tell their stories.
    Do you think we will hear stories similar to what took place in Oakland?

    If Harvey can’t continue to make the hard decisions, let’s get the regents involved & get someone who can.
    Harvey claimed to be unaware of the problem. Where has he been?
    Did he have his head in the sand?
    Don’t feel sorry for Steve Pederson, he will be getting a check for long time.

  185. Even though Calahan tried to pull the wool over our eyes with the “throat slashing” incident,I believe he should not be fired.I believe calahan is a very good offensive mind. However, Mr. Cosgrove must go.The last defensive coordinator to show this much ineptness was quickly disposed of and is now coaching in North Dakota.

  186. so, out of the 3 stooges that has to go, which is Pederson………..Curly Larry or Mo?……LOL……I;d say Mo…..nor Curly Callahan and Larry Cosgrove have got to go next…LOL…..all in good time guys…….all in good time.

  187. The way and the timing that Coach Solich was fired left a bad taste in the mouths of most Nebraskans. Steve Pederson had to prove that it was the right decision.

    Instead, he rode into town with his guns drawn and shot himself in the foot.

  188. wow…….all this time I thought that the AD was in charge of ALL of the athletic teams at the University of Nebraska. Thank you husker fans for setting me straight…football is the ONLY sport that matters there.. oh wait! This wasn’t about the football team….whatever. You all need to get a life.

  189. Let’s be honest, this is NOT the Nebraska football that we have come to know. We do have high expectations of the football program. But NU football has been a powerhouse for so long, that’s the only thing we know. Where is the running game? Where are the Blackshirts? The defense should be wearing pink with the way that they have been playing lately. They made the biggest mistake ever when they let Bo Pelini go!

  190. Seriously husker fans…stop asking for Bo Pelini. He’s not coming back!!! If you’re going to ask for new coaches, at least be smart about it.

  191. You people better wake up! Osborne is 70 years old and 10 years removed from football.
    Pederson was right to fire Solich, the program was moving downhill faster than Callahan could have pushed it.
    When you fire a coach you better have a better one in mind (not Dr. Tom) and a plan. I will say this — Cosgrove should be gone today. He isn’t getting the job done. Callahan needs to man up and do it.

  192. It’s never to late to go back to the running game. Why not replace the sorry chop of an AD with a name (T.O) that put Nebraska into the elite football status. Start to groom Dave Remington to replace T.O. in a few years.
    Make a generous offer to Troy Calhoun @ Air Force and get the option offense back in place (where it belongs)!
    As far as the defense goes…anyone/anything is better than Cosgrove.
    – A Nebraska native living in Texas

  193. Thank God, Pederson was one of the worst decisions UNL ever made. They should’ve gotten rid of him 3 years ago. They were paying him WAY TOO MUCH for all the bad decisions made by him. I am so glad that I don’t have to see his arrogant, big shot, face on TV again defending his bad decisions.

  194. I know Tom is a God in Nebraska, but is bringing him back as interem AD really going to change the course of the season. The AD is so far removed from the coaching role that it would be hard for any of them to make a huge difference. Let’s change the coaching staff and get some coaches that know how to motivate and lead this fine team. Bring back Bo. He did a great job and is excelling down in the Bayou. The players respected and responded to him. Continue to respect the young men who are taking the field every Saturday with what seems like little guidance and coaching, stay in the stands, cheer louder than ever and let them know we are behind the players 100%.

  195. It is unfortunate that Mr Pederson had to be fired to move Nebraska forward. God presented him with a great opportunity that he didn’t allow to work out for him. Good luck in the future Mr Pederson, let this experience guide you to success.

    Go Huskers!

  196. The firing of Pedersen was definitely a great 1st step! However, we now need to get rid of the second cancerous tumor in the program; Callahan and Cosgrove. This clown has taken all the great records set the last 45 years by Devaney and Osborn and literally blew them into an abyss. The only record that he has yet to destroy is the consecutive sell-outs at home. They way the fans fled last Saturday, I’d say this great record is also at risk!!

    Get rid of this overpaid yahoo. No wonder he could not succeed in the NFL! Zero coaching talent exists.

  197. Coach Callahan said that the Pederson firing is a big distraction for his team. Does that mean we can expect a 50-point loss this weekend when I drive eight hours to get to the game?

  198. i really wish i didn’t live in nebraska these days…am so very ashamed. not of the players but of the fans. have u ever seen such brats? as the fans? i haven’t in my 51 yrs of life. i think if fans need to harass anyone they should look in the mirror..when did stuff start going down hill for our team? mayb when the fans started verbally boooooooing them and leaving the games? is what i saw. and how can csn even pretend that nebraska has good fans? in my eyes fans reactions makes newscasters liars. nebraska does not stand behind their team they attack them instead shame on u matt. seems u egg it on. used to like watching u but that won’t be anymore. can’t stomack u even for a second these days…instead of egging stuff on would be nice if newcasters would at least remind childish fans they are acting like children. children leave the loosers and pick on them. adults need to be showing the cornhuskers support. not hatred.

  199. This is about time. He ruined Nebraska football as soon as he stepped on campus. Now whoever takes over for him hopefully gets rid of Callahan; who’s offense has had little to no success wherever he has taken it.

  200. I am going to see if I can get fired from my job so I can leave with $2.5 million.

  201. I sure hope these people that are running around screaming “Off with their heads” realize that it is stupid to fire anyone in the middle of a season. This accomplishes nothing except for adding to the chaos and insanity currently going on with this team. If you are looking for Tom to lead this team to a victory this year or even next year, forget it people.
    I have YET to see a true fan of this club sound off. It is all about numbers and the money. Husker football fans, I’m ashamed of you.

  202. Thank you Dr. Tom! We love you!

    Bring us back to reality! Please!

    Our boys down there need you! Please help them find the heart and soul of our beloved Huskers again!


  204. what does callahan mean the team is distracted by the firing the team isnt coached by the ad and also he said he agrees with the decision about firing pederson he is a true politician lies lies lies

  205. I watched the news conference and all I can say is that most of the reporters are just plain stupid—asking the players if they feel any responsibility for Pedersons firing is just assinine- if they cant ask intelligent questions just keep quiet. Gee Schick what responsibility do you nbear for the firing of Pederson- you have blasted the foootball team for the past few weeks so how much guilt do you have? No wonder I hate watching the news.

  206. I would like a refund on my purchase of pay per view Saturday. I paid to watch a game, there was no game.

  207. I am pleased to see Pederson finally go. I feel it is way past due. He should have left before Coach Osborne retired. Then, he dumps Solich at the end of a 9-3 season because we couldn’t be mediocre. Well, we haven’t been mediocre ever since, have we? We’ve haven’t even made it to mediocre. Well, now he’s gone, and Coach Tom is in his place (at least for now). Perhaps we can start rebuilding this program and restoring some the history that helped make it the program it once was.

  208. THANK GOODNESS! I feel better already having Dr Tom back!!!

  209. Pedersen being fired is a positive approach towards rebuilding for the future. Going back in time with Osborne named as A.D. must be temporary–I would hate to see us go back in time to an era that can’t compete in the world of college football today. Easy on the Osborne involvement–he is a great coach, but no dynamic magician.
    Good start, however.

  210. I think its pathetic that this takes president over world news. Put this on during regular news not durring world news.I do not see where this is so important that all stations needed to take world news off to cover this.

  211. Laughing again…good ol’ “Heartland Values”. You’d all like to see them burn at the stake forgetting about the personal and family hardship. May all your jobs come under such public scrutiny; me thinks many of you would be out on your a$$es, too. Then the rest of us who don’t give a rat’s patooie about the Huskers can have a laugh.

  212. I just saw the bit where the players feel that the team does not feel that they need to be re-shuffled.

    I think we have discovered the root of the problem.

    I feel like I was reading about a bunch of Gov employees, or management at the teachers union.

    There is a new culture of “it’s ok, it’s just a game! hey we tried!”

    TO, we need a massive walk-on drive, and we need to find some ugly bad dudes with fire in the belly..

    It better be different on Sat!

  213. The real winners in this situation are Pederson and Callahan. What a genius Pederson is. He seen the writing on the wall, not enough talent, no support for him and his decisions, yet he is able to renegotiate an extension. Pederson and Callahan should be relieved. They are laughing all the way to the bank. Where else can you get low evaluations and negotiate and receive more pay. They can take a few years off and relax now and get compensated for it. I compare it to winning the lottery, I wish I were in Pederson’s shoes right now. Nebraska football will never be the same and I can’t see them ever rising to the levels they seen before in the past. The problem with the football program is lack of talent. Nebraska’s players look like high school kids compared to the powerhouses in college football. It will be years if ever before Nebraska is able to recruit great athletes like they have in the past, Nebraska has far too little to offer.

  214. I cannot believe Nebraska football is more news worthy than the national news. Yet Tue 16 Oct 2007 between 1735 & 1800 the national news was usurped by this ‘news worthy’ psycobabble. At Nebraska the tail truly does wag the dog!!

  215. I am saddened by the firing of Steve Pederson because it shows that Nebraskans are as the other states view us, “Hicks” as I recall there was a lot of complaints about AD Burns.

    What does that say about Huskers. The powers that be,the person’s with money, who are controlling what happens in Lincoln.

    The team cannot help but be affected by the bozos who don’t have any better sense than to boo their own team. I never had an interest in the football games until Callahan came to NE and I will only continue with him at the realm. Anyone can be a supporter when things are good but where is your team spirit when it is needed in order to support the young men are are playing hard. I feel sorry for all the children of you Monday night quarterbacks who can only live vicariously through football. But I am extremely happy that NE will have to pay $2m+ to Pederson and if they want Callahan to leave another $5m+. That is what I call futuristic foresight.

  216. Some points that need to be made:

    1) The money for the football program comes from private money – no taxpayer’s money is involved – except when fans pay for a ticket to go to the game and buy concessions

    2) The best way for ‘Fans’ to express their support or lack of support is to go or not go to the games.

    3) Tradition is what it is – many people open their Christmas presents on Christmas Eve (as it is a tradition) and others as their tradition open their’s on Christmas Day (other religions don’t open anything on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day – they have a totally different set of traditions). If you like tradition, then you probably want a Nebraska football team that plays to win (as it has done for over 40 years now – long enough to be considered as ‘tradition’). If you don’t like tradtion, then it doesn’t really matter to you what the football team does – I would then question whether you would qualify as a ‘fan’. People who make the claim that we should support the status quo need to ask whether they are willing to give up their Christmas tradition as easily (remember – ‘fan’ is short for fanatic and as such Nebraska football is really close or bigger for some than Christmas).

    4) The word fan is short for ‘fanatic’ and as such means that you might be a ‘good’ fan or a ‘bad’ fan – in and of itself it means nothing (see Nietzsche’s ‘Beyond Good and Evil’)

    5) Sportsmanship is an entirely different ideal and set of rules – booing is generally considered to be a negative if you are a ‘fan’.

    6) Booing could be a way for the ‘fans’ to express their displeasure not at the players but as a way to express their regret for the coaches wasting perfectly wonderful athletes who deserve better support from the coaches. Leaving at halftime could be another way for these fans to express their dismay with the lack of competency on the part of the coaching staff (not necessarily directed at the players).

    7) There have been a lot of comments about supporting our student athletes – and I agree, but think about a professor teaching kids crap and them not excelling as a result – should we keep the instructor because the students like him? Is that the criteria now for teachers?

    8) Having Osborne back will not change things currently, however, it will bring a stablity and calming presence back at a time when it is needed – this program and this state is in a state of turmoil and there is not a calmer more rational voice than that of Dr. Tom Osborne. The recruiting nightmare has been given a foot back up. Very positive step.

    9) Those debating about the future offense or defense should realize that if the recruiting has gone as well as the media has reported on Nebraska football, that there are some very good athletes who can help the team compete no matter what the offensive or defensive plan. The West Coast offense may work in the professional world where all they do is live and breathe football, but these are student athletes who have a limited time to spend on football alone – perhaps that is why we don’t hear that other major colleges use it? It is an experiment that perhaps was best left as an experiment …

    Go Big Red!

  217. Steve Pederson did not do anything for Nebraska except spend money.

    Anyone can do that?

    He also made sure he got a nice departing check! Just in cause his fantasy did not turn out!

    Steve apologize to Frank for your stupid “we will not surrender to Texas, Oklahoma ….” comments!

    What a loser!

    Give back your big pay checks to the University.

  218. Ahhh, a sigh of relief…
    Being a Coloradoan with a Husker tatoo on my ankle has been pretty rough lately…
    And to all of you who call us Huskers “whiners”…the squeaky wheel definitely got oiled didn’t it! Go Huskers! Go Dr. Tom and Restore the Order!

  219. “If we don’t learn how not to beat ourselves, we won’t win again, and we won’t win for a long time,” Callahan shouted to reporters after his team’s 22-8 loss to the Denver Broncos on Sunday.

    “We’ve got to be the dumbest team in America in terms of playing the game.

    Callahan’s record speaks for itself!
    He does not belong at Nebraska.
    Pederson was a loser!

  220. People, get a grip! Football is JUST A GAME!!! There really is more to life than just football. In the grand scheme of things, this really isn’t that big of a deal.

  221. No Solich, no option, no Bo, no pink shirts, no Tom for permanent AD, no firing Callahan.

    Yes fire Cosgrove, yes more assistant changes, yes simplify the offense and defense, yes recruit the players we need to make it work, yes to a new AD.

  222. Pederson had really worn out his welcome.

  223. the AD does not get these clowns to play faster and better so it will not matter who is in charge since the talent level is not there. i think UNO Mavericks could beat the huskers.

  224. The more I hear about the things Pederson did can’t help but wonder why the money guys weren’t beating down Perlman’s door long before now.
    Why would you not display what the Huskers were all about. Were they making up stories to tell recruits about Nebraska football?
    I don’t know if Callahan can turn it around without help but I doubt he has much of a chance with people constantly asking him if it bothers him that TO is watching.

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