Nebraska Needs a TO

It has been one of the most hectic weeks I’ve ever been a part of. This week ranked up there with the Dana Altman fiasco. But in that case, it was over in three days.

This saga, it appears, will go on for months… and months.

That being said, forgive me for not posting on here for the past few days. To say I’ve been burned out would be like saying the sun is fairly warm.

I’ve been recuperating… and now it’s time to roll out of the rack again and get back to work.

The Doctor is In

With all of the honoring, praising and worshiping of Tom Osborne, I am left with this prevailing thought: How in the heck did this guy not win the primary? Seriously, folks. This guy gets a standing ovation for just waking out of bed, and yet he couldn’t get 51% of the vote? I’m more stunned than ever.

Okay, getting back to the week that was.

First: Pederson’s Firing

I understand it. I get it. It’s not a surprise. It had to happen sooner or later. That being said, the timing couldn’t be much worse. I can’t imagine what the Husker coaching staff and players must be thinking. The coach’s boss is ousted mid-season. Sure, it wasn’t directly because of the football team’s struggles, but let’s be honest: if this team is 7-0 or 6-1, Steve Pederson is still the head of the Husker athletic department.

Not only did it happen mid-season, it happened three months after he was given a five-year contract extension.

Chancellor Harvey Perlman is getting a pass on this because of Husker Nation’s disdain for Steve Pederson. Perlman committed a $2.2 million dollar gaffe, one that would get most business leaders fired, if not reprimanded.

One of the most unconscionable aspects of all of this was that Chancellor Perlman said he only became aware of substantial complaints about Pederson in July or August. Two questions: why and how? Why wasn’t this examined internally before UNL backed up the Brinks truck? How does a Chancellor not know about the low morale of the athletic department when it’s the talk of every local sports radio show in the state? How is the Chancellor the last to know? Whether he knew or not, it is his responsibility to know.

Osborne’s Hiring

It is clear that the athletic department needed new leadership. Like I said, the unfortunate thing about this is the timing. Someone needed to come in who would hold Bill Callahan more accountable for his team’s poor play. Pederson, having hired Callahan and given him an extention in August, was unable to do that. Furthermore, Husker Nation had been splintered ever since Frank Solich’s firing. Fans seemed to unite following the north division title in 2006, but the disaster that is 2007 has re-opened the wound. Doctor Tom is being asked to fix it.

While I support Osborne’s hiring, I hope Husker fans are not being delusional with their expectations. When you see Osborne, you think national championships. You think a return to glory and dominance. I don’t know what kind of magic the 70-year-old Osborne can spin. However, uniting Husker fans across the state and across the country is the first step, and it’s already happening.

That being said, Tom Osborne alone won’t fix football, and he alone won’t bring happiness to Husker fans. Say what you will about who should or should not be in charge, but the only thing that will bring Husker Nation together is a winning football team. If this team is 7-0 or 6-1, we’re not having this discussion.

The Future of Bill Callahan

Bill Callahan once called the Oakland Raiders “the dumbest team in America.” He would have to be the dumbest coach in America to not think his job is in serious jeopardy. He knows his days are numbered, save for an unforeseen turnaround.

Honestly, I feel sympathetic towards Bill Callahan. He’s been an outsider since day one. One could say he was set up to fail. Make no mistake, Callahan has made egregious errors: turning his back on some of the Husker traditions including the walk-on program, ignoring past players and at times bringing embarrassment to the program (see “throat slash” and “f-‘ing hillbillies”).

I’ve always felt that a college head coach should be given five years, especially with a 180-degree flip in culture. At the same time, a coach’s team cannot be regressing in the fourth year of his tenure.

That being said, Callahan sometimes gets a bad shake. His every word is examined inside and out for possible anti-Nebraska connotations, while every little thing he does is taken in the most negative way possible. Even the shirt he wears to the Tuesday news conference is dissected. A creamy beige sweater was the article of choice this past week, taken by many as a protest against the Husker brass. “No red? He hates Nebraska!” Are we serious, people? “He never says the phrase ‘Tom Osborne’! He must hate Tom Osborne!” Come on.

After Wednesday’s practice, a reporter asked him if he was nervous with Coach Osborne watching practice. He responded by saying he’d coached in the Super Bowl before and had conducted practices with Bill Walsh and John Madden in attendance. Some media took that as a guy trying to flaunt his ego. I took it as a guy trying to convey that this isn’t his first pony show.

I give Callahan the benefit of the doubt when it comes to his intentions. But I agree that you can’t give him the benefit of the doubt when it comes to his on-the-field product.

Assuming there is a new head coach at year’s end, how patient will you be with the next guy? If he has Husker ties, will that make you more forgiving of his team’s performance? If he’s more welcoming of past players, will that help you look past a struggling football team?

Final Thought

Let me leave you with this: wouldn’t it be something if Callahan and company finish the season 5-0? Tom Osborne would be faced with making the same decision his predecessor made four years ago. Fire another 9-3 coach? Wow.

Of course, it’s highly unlikely.

But why not make it interesting?

In summation: it’s okay to embrace the past. Just don’t live in it.


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  1. The athletic directors firing is only a distraction to Bill & Kevin. They will be trying to coach and come up with game plans in the daylight hours and be up all night packing bags. The players will be trying to understand a game plan that makes no sense.
    Dandy Don

  2. I didn’t get to watch Bill Callahan’s full comments. I watched the highlights on the news. Callahan said something to the fact of “I would welcome the input of anyone, especially my supervisor…” Is it too much, would hurt for Callahan to say the 2 little words – “Tom Osborne.” Did Callahan ever mention Tom Osborne by name? And what was with the sweater? How long has it been since we’ve seen Callahan in something that wasn’t Big Red, or said “Huskers” somewhere?

  3. This is a very smart move. You’re essentially replacing the most disliked person in the state with the most beloved person in the state. Husker Nation morale is up. I still have this feeling we’re going to do very badly in the remaining games. But people won’t be quite as upset because at least they’re able to believe that change is in the works. I think its just foolish to bring in a totally new coaching staff in the middle of the season. You’re still going to lose games, the only thing it will accomplish is alienate the players.

    However, I don’t see Callahan and his crew being around next year. He won’t ever resign (cha-ching, let that cash register ring!). But you know, I’m sure it won’t bother him to have his contract bought and to be let go. You can just tell by his demeanor. He isn’t happy about the A.D. change and I think the last person he wants to have to answer to is Tom Osborne. And whats up with him not wearing Husker stuff at the press conference? I’m no expert, but I thought you were generally expected to do that.

    It was interesting having you, Bill. But I suspect next year at this time, when addressing you, we’ll be singing that Interpol song that goes: “How are things on the west coast?”

  4. To be fair, I didn’t get to watch all of Callahan’s comments – just the highlights on the news at 10. On the highlights I watched Callahan mentioned “anyone” and “my supervisor.” Would it kill Callahan to mention Tom Osborne by name? I mean everybody knows who he was referring to!

  5. Something I’ve noticed here in NE: There are a lot of people who put Osborn way up on a pedestal. So now what… Is this Osborn’s “second coming?” Is he “the great redeemer of Husker football” here to lift us from the pit?

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Osborn and I hope for his success. But, it takes more than warm fuzzy memories to run an athletic program and football isn’t the only sport played at NU. Good luck Tom… you’re going to need it!

  6. I’m glad that Dr Tom is back. I know that several people are going to want him to roll heads right away. As much as I would love to see our coaching staff either winning or gone–I honestly don’t think he’ll fire the coaches in mid-season…he’d be stuck coaching the team himself…not that that would be bad. But, honestly I think at this point–we need to let him see what can be done.

    We all know that Nebraska’s football team needs help right now. And now we have the man in place to assess what needs to be done. Let’s let him do his job and see what’s up.

    If anyone can help these guys, it’s him. Maybe he can explain the fire and spark concept that Callahan and Cosgrove are missing.

    Maybe he can be the one to explain to them–hey, it’s time for a reality check guys–you’re @ Nebraska. W’s in the Win column alone don’t cut it. Granted the win concept is great–but your team and your fans expect to be dominating getting those W’s and giving up 400-600 yards a game isn’t it.

    In my heart of hearts that’s one of the things that’s missing. Callahan seems to be ok with the concept of ‘Hey–we won. Isn’t that good enough?’ NO! That isn’t good enough. You need to be able to fire up your team and show them that dedication.

    We need our coaches to be leaders for our team. We need our Captain’s to be fired up. We need our Quarterback to be a Quarterback and he needs to be able to lead his Offensive team.

    I think Callahan needs to step away from play calling except at major points…he needs to step back and coach–let the boys play the game–show them some trust.

    But then I also think this West Coast offense is wrong for Nebraska as well.

    I’m not saying we need to go back to our old school Power football. While that was awesome to watch our big boys run over everyone and say ‘Welcome to the Big 12!’ while we did it.

    What I think we need in the end is a combination of the two. Something that allows us to run the ball and run over everyone appropriately but something that allows for the pass game as well. Something not quite so intricate as the West Coast Offense.

    That WCO is all well and good for the NFL–but the guys who are in the NFL aren’t limited to 4 or 5 years. They have the time to learn all those wacko plays and they have the time to perfect it.

    Our boys are here for 4, maybe 5 years–lets get them playing with something that will allow them to dominate everything, run, pass, defense and run everyone over. Maybe a simplified version of the WCO would be helpful…I mean, my god–do you really need 100 some different plays for a playbook during a game–that you have to have your Quarterback keep his playbook strapped to his arm because there are so many that there’s no way in hell he’d remember them?

    Thanks Dr. Tom for coming to help our teams! I know you’re here to help the whole Athletic Dept…but we all know that it’s primarily the football team that’s falling apart!

    I hope you’ll bring the spark and fire back to our boys–and I hope you’ll have Callahan either whipped into shape before the rest of the season is destroyed–or I hope you have the sense enough to get rid of him and his group altogether if they don’t produce some improvement results.

  7. Last thing i want to say: Quote from ‘Boosters say Osborne’s Appointment will Help Dollars’ No defensive players were wearing black shirts at Tuesday’s practice. Cosgrove would only say it was a team decision.

    Ummmm–maybe this is just a me concept–but why was that a team decision–why wasn’t that Cosgrove’s decision? He’s the defense coach!

    I think our defense boys need to lose those shirts and have them taken away until they show improvement and can earn those shirts and wear them with pride.

    Half the problem with our coaches is they coddle and play pity. You need to coach and guide.

    It seems all I’ve heard from Callahan and Cosgrove lately is ‘platitudes of pity.’ Oh yeah, we’re disappointed with how poorly we’re playing and blahzy blah blah.

    You know what guys–talk is cheap–stop talking about how you know how poorly the guys are playing–get some balls about ya–take the bull by the horns and get out there and coach!

    Stop your sheepish whining and fix the problem…

    Oh wait–that’s why TO’s back–to show you how…

    so do us a favor and listen to him.

  8. Remember…this is costing taxpayers and students $250,000 a year.

    “The trouble around here is we’re neglecting football for education”
    –Groucho Marx

  9. it wont matter the pink skirts will lose most if not all the rest of the games. the need to fire all the coaches and cut the free ride of athletes that dont produce.

  10. I am a huge big red fan, and i do not believe firing Callahan is the right thing to do yet. I do believe more changes are needed on the staff, ie=Kevin Cosgrove..He could not get the job done at Wisconsin, and he certainly has not got the job done in Nebraska. I wont pretend to imagine what life is like being a coach at a high level college, but Callahans offense is good for the game, but, defense wins championships. Keep Callahan ditch Cosgrove and they will get things turned around in Lincoln.

    Palm Bay, Fl

  11. Has anyone else heard this one? My wife just came home and said on the radio they are saying FOX sports is looking for confirmation that Charlie McBride has been named Callahan’s replacement!

  12. I am personally glad that Tom is back. Not only to bring the state back together but to also interject a culture that is represented all across the state of hard work and determination. Something that is needed more on this team than the 4 or 5 stars behind a recruits name. This coaching staff has lost that in one man’s quest to bring change to Nebraska.

  13. Kudos to Channel 7 for the extensive coverage of this story! Good work!

  14. One of the teams (NU or TAMU) will win this week!!!

  15. Schick,

    Wanted to let you know about the latest rumors I’ve heard. These come straight from Debbie down at the Kwik Shop. Apparently those technical folks down at UNL have done the best they could without actually turning back time 20 years.

    Bob Devaney’s brain (which has secretly been preserved for years) will be installed into a fully functional robot that will act as Athletic Director.

    Tom Osborne will return to his Head Coaching duties. He and his wife are re-rehearsing responses to the question “Why can’t you win the big one?”

    Bionic implants are currently being installed in Tommie Frazier, Johnny Rodgers and Grant Wistrom and several other former Husker stars. Apparently a loophole has been uncovered, giving these players eternal athletic elegibility.

    Bombers are currently headed south in order to wipe Texas, Texas A & M, Baylor and Texas Tech off the map, thereby forcing us to revert back to the old Big 8.

    Kent Pavelka was offered 50 million dollars to return as the voice of the Huskers. He declined. Therefore, clever editing of 20 years worth of broadcasts will make it seem like he’s returned.

    Steve Pederson has been moved from his undisclosed location and is currently en route to Guantanimo Bay, Cuba.

    Bill Callahan and Kevin Cosgrove’s repeated requests for clemency from the governor were denied. They are expected to arrive at Supermax Prison sometime next week, where they will be forced to spend a lifetime sentence with the Shoe Bomber and Kirk Herbstreit, who became suicidal after this week’s Nebraska changes made him obsolete.

  16. does mr.callahan ever stop with the excuses and trying to snowball us fans just be honest and say we have stunk it up last couple weeks and we need to get some FIRE IN OUR BEELIES and go win a game not try and win but go WIN and start putting some hits on people instead of taking all the hits just tired of callahans snake oil salesman speeches if he beleives in his ability then show it by the way the team plays and his playing calling one other thing i put this all on the coaches the players follow their lead tony in las vegas

  17. tony in las vegas as a husker fan of 35 years who cant wait for each saturday during football season i want all those attending game on saturday to show up and cheer as if we were NUMBER 1 and rolling let those players [kids most of them] know that we are behind them no matter what and no leaving at halftime no booing and no silience for the whole game show the country that we are the best fans in the world I JUST WISH I COULD BE THERE FOR THOSE PLAYERS GO BIG RED i bleeding red in las vegas

  18. T.O. is a living legend. I feel that he will do a fine job as NU’s Athletic Director. He brings alot of credability as the head football coach and he’s also been a U.S. congressman which means he knows the political area. Now granted do I think that he can turn the football program around, not tommorrow. It’s going to take time. Do I think that Bill C. gets fired? Probably not. I do think that Kevin Cosgrove is gone at the end of the season. He simply is not a good defensive coordinator. All I can say to Tom Osborne is good to have you back coach, your presence in the athletic department puts alot of people at ease.

  19. I am getting sick and tired of hearing Callahan’s comments. He said he didn’t mind somebody watching him. Didn’t mention Osbornes name of course. He said that he worked with Bill Welsh, if you know who he is. He treats us like we are hicks. I wish the reporters would quit interviewing him. I would like to see Turner Gill in next season. I think he would make a great coach. Does Bill Callahan know who Tom Osborne is? He sure doesn’t want to say his name. Also he keeps calling the players kids. They are young men.

  20. Welcome back TO!! Can BC really weather this storm?? If he is so loyal what is with the tan sweater at the conference on Tuesday?? He just doesn’t look like a coach who is really out there trying to find the answer!! I know TO can’t fix this over night, but do not drag this out until the 1st part of Dec. when recruiting is hot and heavy lets get it over with and get back on track. Which brings me back to my original question can BC weather this storm????? Matt please answer!

  21. Tom Osborne has silenced the lambs known as Husker Nation for now, but wait until the Saturdays come when you see the same old whipping on both sides of the ball.
    I predicted after the Missouri game, the Huskers would not win another game all season & they won’t. Nothing has changed in that locker room. It takes leadership. These coaches can not lead, inspire or motivate. The Huskers won’t have the same coaches after the season Husker fans. So pull up that easy chair, sit back & relax, because Dr. Tom will have the cure at seasons end.
    Dandy DOn

  22. Remember Husker fans, these dollars to payoff coaches and athletic directors IS NOT coming from taxpayers…It is coming from DONERS…I find it interesting that the HIGHLY EDUCATED LEADERS, are making the dumb decisions….and look down on us doners of “non substance”….maybe we need doners of “non substance” making the hiring decisions….AND this comment COULD goe for those in our nations capital & Omaha politics as well….Tax, Tax, spend, spend…GET IT???

  23. I totally agree with Deb. Why is it a team decision to take away the blackshirts? The coach should have taken them away whether the team likes it or not. GO BIG RED!!!

  24. Deb, if you didn’t notice in the 80’s and 90’s, our offense did have more of a mixed football format….We’d pound away at the ground, and throw in the air (after feeling out the team), and then option/ground/throw…..No we NEED power football again….We need to hurt our opponents again……On both fronts…..Whatever happened to a QB the could run at Nebraska??….I don’t think that I have seen Keller run past the line once…..Tommy, Brook, Scott, Bobby, and Zach could all take the hits and put up positive yards….They wouldn’t do that weak-a$$ slide to be down instead of getting hit type of stuff….

    Watching the T.O. interviews it becomes painfully obvious that he is telling everyone in a roundabout way that Callahan is gone…..”At the end of the season we will sit down and discuss……”

    Has anyone else heard the Pete Carroll rumors as well? Or is this myth?

    Oh, and for the Blackshirts: Rev. 6: 7-8


  26. At Saturday’s Post Game New Conference it is time for some more direct questions and some strait talk from players. No more we will try harder and I just couldn’t make things happen. Questions like why are you (so called blackshirts)not tackling anyone any more? Missing tackles is unacceptable period. These are not kids these are young men who need to be held accountable. There is a big difference between can’t tackle and won’t tackle. Another question I would like to see asked is Where is Gantz?

  27. Husker fans disgust me. I can not believe this athletic program is jumping through hoops to placate all of you idiots.

  28. Matt Schick, where are your thoughts and comments?? I was looking forward to reading them all day!! :o)

  29. Im pretty happy that TO is back in the picture. I will be happier when this season is ended. I know this season has already ended. I will support the Huskers like I always have no matter what the score is or will be. Because I can feel the time for changes in the wind.

  30. Welcome Back Dr.Tom We know that your going to do what’s best for our team and put the right people in there places.Please show Callaham how a real coach!!! COACHES……

  31. First, Tom IS NOT A DOCTOR! It was just an honory title. He will bring in more donors and recruits but can do nothing for the players that have no skill. He can not snap a finger and make the poor slobs good players. However i do believe that he will make the coach move from the west coast offense back to the old option play. Guess Saturday we will see what kind of a puppet Callahan is.

  32. Even today BC did not wear Nebraska colors or even a shirt with a red “N” on it. What is up with that? Is that a silent protest on BC’s part regarding the firing of Steve P?

    Not wearing red should tell us something of what BC things of Husker Nation.

    And as has been said in here, taking of the Blackshirts should have been a coach’s decision, and not have to wait for the players tp do it themselves.

  33. Schick

    You’ve certainly been quiet the past few days. Have you been bird-dogging some juicy stuff? Can’t wait for your thoughts.

    In the ‘interim’ (no pun intended) here’s a good read.
    Facinating stuff IMO.

    Go Big Red


    why is it people seem to think that just because we critize the team for poor performance that we’ve turned on them?

    we’re supposed to say ‘Yay team! you’re doing an awesome job!’ when they suck?

    that does not make us true and honest fans. Our teams have always appreciated the fact that we are so loyal that we do call them on it when they aren’t at their best–why should we change that now!

    oh and to anonymous–yes i noticed during the 80’s and 90’s that we had more option style playing going on–but you gotta admit–it was still mostly run.

    i’d soooo love to have the ultimate mix of both!

  35. You can see now Husker Fans that Bill Callahan has a big problem with Tom Osborne. Callahan’s ego is so big he can’t accept a football legand as his boss.
    This is the reason he can’t lead, inspire or motivate…it is called ATTITUDE, A NEGATIVE ATTITUDE.
    Change that attitude, Bill, and you may see a difference in the way your team plays on Saturday. Negativity breeds negativity, and you reek with it…Change the attitude & see a change in your assistant coaches attitudes that just may save your hides at season ends….Would Bill accept this blog..NEVER…He is PERFECT….Just ask him.

  36. steve and bill said that they were going to take the team in a new direction – we didn’t know that it would be down !!!!

  37. I would lose respect for Nebraska if Callahan was fired in the middle of the season. How many of you were applauding the decision to extend his contract after the Nevada game? Coach Callahan has been nothing but respectful and courteous to Nebraskans and deserves nothing less in return. We need to support him and his players for the rest of the season.

  38. What a genius Steve Pederson is. He obviously knew what he was doing when he negotiated an extension to his contract recently. He seen the writing on the wall, no talent, lack of support for him and Callahan. He then extended Callahan’s contract allowing himself and Callahan more compensation when fired. They both seen this coming, and are excellent businessmen. To tell you the truth I would be a extremely happy and relieved if I were in their positions. They are laughing all the way to the bank. Whoever takes over the new positions has a gigantic job ahead of them. Nebraska football won’t rebound for years if at all. When Oklahoma went through this process they had talent to build off of, Nebraska right now has none, the players they have in place now, look like high school kids trying to play Division I football. Pete Carroll and his staff couldn’t do any better.

  39. It isn’t the coaches playing the game it is the players that are playing it. And depending on how bad they want it is going to determine who wins. It’s not a matter of offence or defence they are a team and need to play as one. No matter what mistakes are made they need to feel positive. And I feel that the fans and their coaches need to give them that and especilaly themselves as team mates. If the players want it bad enough then they need to dig in and get the job done.

  40. callahan needs to go now and a new coach found ,even if the new one wont start until after the bowl game(lsu will go )we are going to lose all the rest of the games anyway that way maybe we can keep some of the recruits

  41. Good, now that thats over with we need to get better on the field. We have the talent to win games. If Keller can’t get it done, we need to put in Ganz. I think hs should at least get a shot to win a game for us.

  42. pederson received 2 million for being fired! this is WRONG! he is walking away with a smile, he should be ashamed! this makes my stomach hurt!!

  43. As a die hard Cornhusker fan, I never thought I would compare the Huskers to Britney Spears; but their performance in the first half was reminiscent of Britney’s lethargic performace at the MTV VMA’s. I hope Pederson’s dismissal is the first step in purging the lethargy in the program.

  44. If you noticed most of the people who has complained about the coaching are the old time Husker’s, from the Devaney, Osbourne, and Solich era.
    This has been the only job that Steve Pederson has taken that he was not sucessful at.
    Mr. Pederson did a fine job at Ohio St. and Pittsburg.
    Don’t forget Mr. Pederson was the recruiting directo for some of Mr. Osboure’s best teams.
    Wayne from Omaha

  45. Support the team! Put out your flags and cheer like you’ve never cheered before on Saturday. Make Texas A&M believe that we are a “Husker Nation”.

  46. Here is your 2008 coaching staff and AD.

    AD-Osborne ( for a couple of year then in 2009 Rimmington)

    Head Coach- Bo Polini
    Off. Corrid.- Turner Gill
    Def. Corrid.-anyone is better than Cosgrve

  47. Step one is in place it wasnt easy but with the parity in college football you cant wait to long.

  48. I have a chip on my shoulder that I need to get off. I came to Omaha from New Jersey in 1991 to play for the UNO football team. Since then I have seen the program progress through it’s ups and downs and now, I must say, they are one of the premier teams in Div II. The facilities are great and the program is fantastic. They are so close to winning it all this year and that would be a great boost for the program, the school and the city of Omaha. Funny thing is that UNO has been rated in the top 25 on and off for some years now. These kids work hard and give their all to making miracles happen at Al F. Caniglia field, yet they are always in the shadow of the Cornhusker’s. Here me when i say that Nebraska deserves their notariaty in the State of Nebraska, but so do the Mav’s. I have seen them over come many obsticals and challenges in the past 15 years. Boosters and support have come a long way, but the hurdles seem to get bigger as well. It makes me angry when I here about North Dakota State, South Dakota State and Northern Colorado going I-AA with all the support they recieve from thier states and UNO barely getting air time on wire. We have the foundations of a great program but the support needed is not there. Everyone is so focused on UNL and all of thier problems and hang nails that noone can see Pat Berhns taking the Mavs closer and closer to perfection. UNO stands undefeated in the NCC. Where is the suppport? Without the local media spearheading the effort to bring UNO to every Nebraskan’s doorstep, many may miss the potential of this state being able to enjoy in a National Championship; especialy when Nebraska can use a posative football story.

  49. Pederson’s firing alone will not save the program. Huskers need a good sports psychologist, and maybe a spiritual healer to help them overcome the lack of mental focus and heartsick play we have seen this season. My prayers are with the young men who are the team, and their elders (coaches) who need to guide them properly.
    Greg “Woody” Gruber, Omaha

  50. ENOUGH ALREADY ABOUT THE CORN HUSKERS! They lost. They lost big. MOVE ON. Fortunately, we have Des Moines stations in Harlan, I can switch to some place I can get some “news”. And I have switched. I will not watch another Omaha station until they start broadcasting the “news” again.

    There is a war going on. People are dying. Alzheimers disease is claiming another victim every 16 seconds. Nebraska has a sentorial race going on. There is a major farm bill pending effecting many Nebraska residents. ALL of these are BIGGER than Steve Pederson, Bill Callahan or the NE football team.

    You’d think this was the biggest things to ever happen in the state of NE. The Hawkeyes lost a couple of games, the state didn’t stop broadcasting the news or interrupt regular programming for 30-45 minutes. We moved on. You don’t see the entire state of Iowa stopping because we lost some football games.


  51. I think alot of us have forgotten that our kids(FB players)are out there giving what at this time may be their all! As parents we should not scold them when they need us most, rather we should be showing them that true champions(HUSKERS) never give up and they dont turn their backs on those that depend on them!!

    Non-Husker parent but a parent i am.


  53. I had thought the continuous, continuous, continuous coverage of Nebraska football couldn’t get any worse–however, it just did! Instead of having the national news you chose to subject us to live coverage of the Tom Osborne rambling news conference.
    Do you not know that there are things going on in the world other than Nebraska football?
    Saundra Bozeman

  54. The “Dr.’s” in the house now. Just be patient things will get better. Things weren’t broke in a day, things cann’t get fixed in a day!

  55. Coach Osborne is gracious to return and help out the athletic department and even more benevolent in not taking action against the football coaching staff during the season. But, when it is time, it is time.

  56. What do Beavis and Butt-Head, Laurel and Hardy, and Callahan and Cosgrove all have in common? They don’t have a clue how to coach a college football team.


  57. It’s “Back to the Future” for Nebraska football. It should be a fun show to watch.
    We go from “This is now place like Nebraska” back to “There is no place like Nebraska” in 24hrs!


  58. following the team, I have never seen such a mess. Thank god, change is on the way. T.O. is in as the interum A.D., soon there will be a new coaching staff, and then (maybe) all will be right with in the world again. Now, I have a message I’d like to pass along to the players on this years team. I know you’ve all been getting it from all sides, and it seems like the breaks are going against you. But do remember this men, no matter what happens, we the fans are still behind you. I for one, know in my heart that you guys can turn this season around. As you make your way thru the tunnel walk on saturday, remember that the spirit of George Flippin is with you. The spirit of Ed Wier is with you. Of Bobby Renyolds, Frank Solich, Jeff Kinney, Jerry Taggie, Turner Gill, Mike Rozier, Irving Fryer, Tommy Fraizer, Jason Peter, of every red blooded Husker who ever put on the scarlet and cream. Now I want you to get out there and FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT! Hit them and hit them HARD! ATTACK them every down, ATTACK them every quarter! WIN it for yourselves! WIN it for families! WIN it for the fans! But most of all, WIN it for the ten year old boy who glues himself to the radio every saturday, to hear the mighty Huskers play. For the boy who dreams of one day suiting up and running out onto that hollowed ground. And, for those of us who wanted to but couldn’t for whatever reason. You all are part of the greatest college football program in history! And with the blessing from almighty God, you WILL be victorious! Get out there now, and WIN just one for old N.U. (please pass this message along to the boys, and to all Husker fans everywhere. Thank you very much for your time. God Bless You.)

  59. Somebody said Nebraska fans have put Tom Osborne on a pedastal if that were the case then why isn’t he the governor.
    Since so many want to get rid of a coach in a hurry and don’t want to wait for the end of the season than how about Mike Anderson before the baseball team is in the dumper.

  60. Yeah.

    The entire Husker football program is supposed to take advice from a bunch of people who can’t spell, don’t know proper grammar, and can’t figure out how to turn off the “caps lock” key.

    Grow up and get a life people. Look at Notre Dame, Florida State and Michigan. They’re in the same pickle. Great programs go through this all the time.

    In 1977, the same people were writing to the Public Pulse saying FIR OSBURN, HE CAIN’T WON THE BIG ONE! HE CARN’T BEET OKLIEHOMA!!!!

  61. Schick

    Good thing you made it back.

    I was fixin’ to give Bill DeLeo a call. 😉

    Go Big Red

  62. Nebraska football prides itself on tradition. You nailed it on the head, Schick. Callahan has shown very little respect for the tradition of the Big Red. Why is Memorial Stadium packed with people every home game? Tradition. Our parents went to every game and so will we. Why do I get something red with an N logo on it every Christmas? Tradition. When Tom Osborne, before he was hired as AD, said he didn’t feel wanted by this football staff, it turned me and everyone else off. Tom is Husker royalty. Why wouldn’t you use him as a resource, even if to inspire the players? Because Callahan is a cocky SOB who thinks the West Coast offense works in a state that prides itself in building mammoth linemen and running between the tackles. Tradition. I’m sorry, but Callahan was never the right man for the job. Hey, maybe it was time to get rid of the option, but a complete 180 of going to the air? Not Nebraska football. We’d all rather sit around and watch our runningback pound the hole for four yards a carry then see them pass on third and one from the five yard line. This coaching staff is wrong for our state, wrong for Nebraska football, wrong for tradition. Yes, we hate to lose, but at least we always played the game the right way (that is, until Frank’s teams got blown out). Bring us a coach who understands the Big Red tradition, a coach who will bring back the running game, a coach who will inspire the team to greatness, a coach who understands the values of walk-ons and doesn’t treat his players like they’re in the NFL. College players are young, immature, looking for a TEAM to be a part of. They do not want to go to a job, clock in, then go home to their crappy rental house upset because their head coach doesn’t show that he cares about them. In his new role, Tom Osborne may not spark this team or the teams to come to victory, but he has already sparked Nebraskans to root for our team again. Most of us have been disenfranchised the past four years. It’s not Husker football like we’re used to seeing. We want to go back to the old ways, to the traidion. Bring in Turner Gill. Let him get this team in shape. Let’s see the Big Red and the Blackshirts dominate, knowing where they need to line up and making the plays they used to make. Husker football cannot go back to where it was until Callahan and company are gone, and while I would vote for getting rid of him now, I will settle for waiting until after the Colorado game, when Callahan takes his 4-8 season record out of Lincoln for good. Then let’s rebuild this program to its past glory.


  63. Who cares if Callahan Says Tom Osborne or not? You people are so hung up on Osborne you make me sick. If you think that Nebraska will be a powerhouse team again next year just because Osborne is the AD then you have a rude awakening. I am not saying they they wont be if he stays on because they will be, (sorry to say cause I will have to hear all the bragging again and excuses).You so called Husker fans amaze me, when you are losing you say you will never wear Red again until Pederson and Callahan are gone. What happened to sticking by your team? In closing I will say, You bandwagon Fans make me sicker than you excuse making fans. Wake up, the Huskers are a rotten team and no coach can fix that.

  64. they will be lucky to get a single win to finish the season.

  65. Husker fans are dazed and confused as if there were absolutely nothing else of importance in the great state of Nebraska. Even the incredibly biased play-by-play guys are stuttering and having problems functioning in this more evenly balanced world. This kind of entertainment is hard to find at any price!

  66. HOWS ABOUT GANZ, I’m tired of hearing keller say “we got to do better,we can do better, I know we can” ? Bench him!! I hope they lose the rest of the season for sure maybe they will fire everyone then and bring back that ole option offense with real blackshirts!!-Troy

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