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Call it the “Buyout Bowl”, call it a “You’d Better Win or You Might Not Go to a Bowl.”

Whatever the moniker, feel free to share your comments on the game right here.

This is becoming one of the more frequented blogs for Husker reaction. We had 15,000 views this week, making “Schick’s Shtick” the 9th-most visited page on

Let’s keep it going.

Another Letdown

There was a different energy at Memorial Stadium on Saturday. Having Tom Osborne in the building as the new AD seemed to energize the crowd, which in turn fed the players some enthusiasm for the game.

Unfortunately, the Husker offense could only muster 14 points, as Nebraska falls 36-to-14 to Texas A&M.

The Huskers are now 4-4 overall (1-3 in conference). More alarming, the Huskers are 3-3 at home in 2007. Who wouldathunkit.

Similar to Last Week, With Better Weather

This loss falls on the shoulders of Bill Callahan and the Husker offense. Nebraska had it clicking at times, but could not maintain a consistent attack. The defense, in my opinion, played well enough for Nebraska to stay in the game, if not win it.

How does this offense only muster 14 points against the Aggies? In the past three games, the Nebraska offense has 34 points, and only two meaningful touchdowns.

Nebraska had a couple of critical 3rd-and-short and 4th-and-short attempts that they failed to convert on, the most troubling coming in the 4th quarter with a 3rd-and-two and Sam Keller rolling out on a pass play. Why not pound it with Castille? Keller lost a yard, getting tackled near the boundary, and the ensuing 4th down play fell incomplete in the endzone.

Defense Played Better, Despite the Scoreboard

In the first half, Kevin Cosgrove’s guys were flying around. Guys finishing tackles? A defense playing with enthusiasm? Blackshirts showing emotion? Who was this team? Unfortunately, the offense could not support the blackshirts, and the defense was unable to sustain in the second half.

We hadn’t seen this defense play as passionately and as consistently all season long as we did in the first half. It looked like something had finally clicked, and that these guys actually take pride in wearing those blackshirt jerseys in practice afterall.

Sidenote: The old Corey McKeon showed up on Saturday. I remember him from 2005. Long time no see. But a 15-yard late hit personal foul (a harmless shove at that) on Stephen McGee in the third quarter was uncharacteristic of a three-year starter. Baffling.

It wasn’t just the offense letting the defense down. Following a nice blackshirt stand, Nate Swift muffed a 2nd quarter punt at the Husker 28-yard-line. A&M scored two plays later to give take a 16-to-7 lead. It was all uphill after that for Nebraska.

A positive: Anthony West showed a lot of ability on the field, creating havoc in the backfield on blitzes and showing some sure-tackling. I was impressed.

Back to that Offense

I didn’t think I would say this at any point this season, but the offense could’ve used some of the defense’s emotion.

Offensively, the biggest disappointment was Sam Keller. You may want to see Happy Feet in the movie theater, but not in your quarterback. The signal-caller looked uncomfortable under center; the normally-accurate passer was erratic at times, skipping passes to open receivers. His decision making was poor. I was shocked he wasn’t benched late in the 4th quarter. Throw Joe Ganz in there and give him some snaps; he’s returning to the program next year. If the preseason competition for the starting job was as close as Bill Callahan said it was, how can you not give Ganz some live action?

Offensive Coordinator Shawn Watson was on the sidelines for this game, taking on more of the play-calling responsibilities. While he and Callahan usually share those duties, Callahan was more free to be in-tune with the defense. Whatever the purpose, it seemed to work early on. But in the end, same old same old.

Nebraska had 405 yards of offense, but only 14 points to show for it.

Other offensive notes

Roy Helu showed why he should be on the field more often. The freshman from Danville, California was a blur in the backfield, and undoubtedly earned more playing time.

The first quarter double reverse to Frantz Hardy was the kind of play husker fans have been waiting for all season. Can you remember another gadget play Nebraska has run this year? It’s about time.


It was a crazy week at the University of Nebraska. Might it have been a distraction for this football team? Possibly. Then again, it was hard to tell. We’ve grown accustomed to this type of performance.

Bowl-less in Lincoln?

This may have been Nebraska’s last best chance to get a win this season. At 4-4 overall, the Huskers now must win two of their final four games to qualify for a bowl. It seems impossible. Do you see it?

Bill Callahan may have sealed his fate on Saturday. Getting blown out at home with fans flooding the exits before the final whistle for the second consecutive week? That’s not good for job security.


69 Responses

  1. Losing 9-7…We just made our first turnover. I hope this isn’t another long game.

    And man, how I wish we had another option besides listening to Jim Rose and company. I guess these guys are supposed to paint a picture of sunshine and roses. But its just not realistic.

  2. 16-14 at the half doesn’t bode well. I read somewhere once that Callahan has yet to win a Husker game when he is trailing at half time.

  3. I am expecting the typical Nebraska Cornhusker fan knee jerk reaction to today’s game and to Tom Osborne.

    With a loss we are going to have to endure the whining that Osborne had nearly a week to fix this problem and he didn’t do it….. HE’s GOTTA GO!

    Just another good reason to live in Iowa.

  4. Isn’t it about time for the coaching staff (or whoever is running the team…maybe the janitor) to realize that Keller and Company isn’t getting it done? Maybe if Ganz was in such a battle to be quarterback, it’s time to play him. As for the defense, try putting 8 in the box once and a while. When a team can run an option on US over and over again, it shows just how far we have forgotten where we came from. Even my 94 year old grandma knows that when it is 4th and 2, Keller will throw. And Bill, is that a play list you are holding or the menu from Waffle House..try the chili cheese omlet, with the hashbrowns smothered and covered on 3rd and 21.

  5. I love watching Nebraska Football this year!!

    Keep it up..

  6. Well, at least the weather was nice at the game.

    John Campbell

  7. MATT! HELP! No 8 guys in the box. Unable to stop anyone running the ball. Still not throwing much to Purify. Keller looks like he has a concussion. Either this is the worst Nebraska talent EVER or the dumbest coaches in the country.


  8. losers is all they are, they should fire all the coaches and release all the full ride players. husker football is dead

  9. Same outcome, different Saturday. Put Ganz in and Move Keller to Defensive Coordinator and Cosgrove to waterboy!

  10. The team on the defensive side played bettter. I feel sorry for the team as they are saddled with a coaching staff that has no idea what they are doing. They offer no results but only excuses.

    Callahan has sealed his fate with this loss. We will be hard pressed to win another game this year. The coaching staff has no clue how to suck it up and win.

    Maybe Billy boy and wonder boy cosmo can get a gig with the dolfins next year. That team is already destroyed. Perfect fit for dumb and dumber

  11. Instead of selling shirts that say GOT TOM. Nebraska stores should sell shirts that say FIRE TOM.

  12. It’s awfully quiet in here. What’s the deal? Last weekend, this site was buzzing like an angry hive of bees.

  13. Why is’nt Callahan giving his backup quarterbacks a shot when the game is out of reach. They’re going to be back next year. Sam Keller is not. Keller was overhyped and he is’nt as good as advertised.

  14. Tom Osborne brought something more to the stadium this week. Also, I think scrapping this year’s tunnel walk in-favor of a revamped version of last years helped a ton. I am a student at UNL and have season tickets. I have been to almost every home game thus far, with the exception of last week. This week, you could feel an energy in the fans that has been missing all season. Something was different today; Nebraska Fans were more fired up.

  15. Well here we go again! Another loss! Fire Cosgrove and Callahan and put in the second and third string! Maybe they could get it done! Better yet if the Huskers want to win a game have them play Lincoln East High School! Well that might be asking to much! Stop the insanity!!!

  16. Husker fans are dazed and confused as if there were absolutely nothing else of importance in the great state of Nebraska. Even the incredibly biased play-by-play guys are stuttering and having problems functioning in this more evenly balanced world. This kind of entertainment is hard to find at any price!

  17. John Campbell shows once again why he is my favorite KETV Meteorologist.

    Always the optimist.

    Season’s over, kids.

    I for one look forward to winning the national championship in 2017.

  18. Welcome to reality husker nation. It’s still amazing that you guys always find excuses on how to justify a loss. It’s the coaches, well we fumbled, a bad call. Wake up and realize that you are being outplayed period. All of your starters are backups anywhere else at the D-1 level. The “blackshirts” they should all be charged with theft. Season ticket holders should demand their money back.

  19. keller is a terrible QB he has no clue what he is doing. they should play all the 3rd stringers so they can get some experience since the starters cant get the job done.

  20. Callahan helping out with the Defense? 34pts in three weeks, I think you should worry about doing your own job first. Obviously Callahan was too busy deflating the defense to realize Keller should have been benched. Fire Callahan immediately and replace him with North O Callahan!

  21. i really love all these morons kicking the huskers when they’re down. good to live in iowa?

    ya, your teams really looked great today.

    you’re a joke.

  22. The fans were there (>84,000)…
    The fans were quiet before and after…
    Many fans left before the 4th…
    The Aggies won an away game without much of a team and a band to bolster their spirit…
    Did you notice the TAMU team with their fans after the game? Well they do the same win or lose… Where are the Huskers…

  23. I thought the blackshirts did a better job today, but Keller played poorly. I cant believe they cant get more points out of the West Coast Offense.Quentin seemed to move the pile when he was in, he should be the starter. I dont see a bowl game this year and I dont see Callajan here next year.

  24. They need some help.

  25. yeah ok yall need to seriously shut up. these players (and coaches) are busting there rears out there and it would take an idiot not to see that. yeah realize it or not booing isnt gonna get you to many first downs. im not stupid i know that things need to change but cheer them on or dont even attend. it’s pretty pathetic that it takes a 14 year old to realize this. stop the friking booing and cheer them on goodness

  26. This is even more proof that Cosgrove needs to go now!!!!!!!

  27. Remember fans that Steve Pederson ended 35 years of Championship Coaching. It will take awhile to get the tradition back on track. Osborne will fire Callahan at the end of the season and then we will start with some common sense coaching. We may have to surrender the Big 12 to Texas and Oklahoma for a time but at least we will become competitive and not slip below mediocrity. Keep supporting the players. Go Big Red

  28. 400 + in offense, yet only 14 points…..Better luck next game…Keep your heads up….Still a fan no matter what….

  29. The coaches don’t mix things up right. If Castille is doing good, stick with him! Lucky seems to be more of the “west coast” offense short reciever we’ve been looking for. And I think we need Ganz in. He’s been good when he’s up at the spotlight. He got us that Colorado touchdown. It’s time to use him once in a while.

  30. this team needs to leave the state. UNO football is the best football in nebraska.

  31. By the way, the UNO Mavericks won (again) and are now 7-0.

    But I guess a downright embarassing football team is more exciting to cover.

  32. Nice to see the Iowans putting in their 2 cents worth as usual, they truly flash brilliance at times. I guess the great state to our east has no ISU or Iowa news on the web so they tend to land here. And its hard to imagine any of them having more than 2 cents anyway. Beat it you no football-playin cyber-necks.

  33. I think Husker Nation could learn a thing or two from Aggie Fan. What ever happen to applauding the opponents after the game, win or lose? Heck, whatever happened to applauding the Huskers win or lose. Then I read about people yelling ‘Fire Cosgrove’ at his son’s high school football game. The coaching staff made have turned the on field perfomance ugly, but Husker Fan’s behavior has simply been classless during this losing streak.

  34. This season is over!!!!! Nebraska will lose each of their remaining games by at least 3 touchdowns. Cosgrove has to go NOW!!!!!

    When does the basketball season start??? Doug

  35. The New & Improved Husker Dictionary
    Non Mediocre – Version 2.0

    cal∙la∙bab∙ble (kặl′ə bặb′əl). n. 1. Any rhetorical utterings offered in explanation of apparent mediocrity. Generally characterized by positive sounding non-specific revelations of the otherwise obvious. 2. That group of public speaking techniques used to address negative situations while revealing no pertinent or useful information.

    cal∙la∙rab∙ble (kặl′ə rặb′əl). n. 1. A grouping of persons with mutual intent, but lacking unison and precision in execution. 2. A grouping of persons apparently engaged in cooperative activity where mutual support is essential, including disorganized groups.

    pe∙der∙prat∙tle (pederprattle). n. 1. Any rhetorical utterings offered in explanation of previous activity spawning apparent mediocrity. Generally characterized by positive sounding non-specific revelations of the otherwise obvious. 2. That group of public speaking techniques used to address negative situations while revealing no pertinent or useful information. 3. Pederprattle is usually delivered with the authority of an AE (Athletic Ego).

  36. ….And these are the days of our lives.

  37. Hey Bringbackbo….typical husker fan comments knocking others to make yourself feel better. This is the way husker fans always act….

  38. You know who really should go is Jim Rose and company. At least take a prozac before the game so we know what’s going on and we can understand who is playing, who has the ball, THE SCORE, and for god sake…..a huge hole up the middle should gain more than 1 before you scream like a little girl.

  39. National Championship in 2017? Ha. More like 2027, and only if you’re willing to spend the money. Grow up Husker fans, your ability to compete on the national stage is severely hampered by your ridiculous expectations, parsimony, and inability to recruit top athletes from around the country.

    From the Wall Street Journal. Read this and learn:

    Your best hope: invest in a hungry but winning coach and give him 10 years + (like Osborne). He will lose and you will hate him. Hate him but don’t fire him. You might get another NC by 2020.

  40. Jim Rose cracks me up. At one point in the game he said something like “Nebraska’s had two turnovers…Both leading to a change in possession”.

    As opposed to what?? “Nebraska’s had two turnovers…But the opposing team is refusing to take the ball and is insisting that Nebraska be given back the ball in hopes of a better Husker outcome”

  41. What is wrong???

    Looks like we have issues on all points. The play calling is way off. There is no way we can win any of the remaining games my friends, we are done for the year. We should just stay home and start rebuilding including the coaches.

    Ron G

  42. The Nebraska coaching staff needs to follow Arizona State’s lead. Send Keller to the bench and let someone else lead the huskers to victory. Sam cannot handle the pressure, throws most of his passes behind or over his receivers, and fumbles the ball tooo much. The defensive coordinator also needs to follow the lead of other Big 12 coaches and resign. Wait 4 weeks and the headlines will read “Callahan breaks another Record, Worst win record since 1961”

  43. I think that they should have a new bowl just for the Huskers football Team….”The Toilet Bowl”

  44. as a die hard husker fan i mean cant wait for saturday game i think its time for the fans to stop with all the NEGATIVE VIBES DR. TOM is in charge changes will be made at end of season nothing is going to happen till then so we need ALL POSITIVE ENERGY FOR THE PLAYERS get behing them and push them keep cheering u know a WIN AT TEXAS would really pick things up its hard to stay POSITIVE but if fans dont how will the team do it lets just let season play out and MAYBE a couple a wins will pick everyone up so NO more negatives about callahan cosgrove keller defense offense if you cant be positive then DONT BLOG as for me i will wait for saturday and listen watch and yell my heart out for our team nebraska when season over then we can call for heads to roll but for now LETS STAY POSITIVE FOR THE PLAYERS bleeding but still rooting tony in las vegas GO BIG RED

  45. Big Red will ALWAYS be Big Red to me, win, lose or draw. We’re on bad times at the moment, but with the Grace of God, it will all turn around….takes time. Definitely not a Callahan fan as he doesn’t have the true Red in his blood but he’s what we’ve got so let’s deal with it. I will not be negative on our team, its not worth it because I have faith in them no matter what and no bowl game, maybe next year. Will take time to rebuild but it will come again.
    GO RED FOREVER….Oh and welcome back Tom…he’ll do what he can to restore our pride….

  46. I look forward every week to hearing Matt Schicks witticisms about the football team every week, win or lose. And John Campbell was right it was a beautiful day.

    If you have any doubt that Steve Pederson should have been fired check out what he said he was trying to accomplish this season in August. Just follow the link to that story.

    I agree that the season is probably lost, but we still need to stay behind the team. Tom Osborne cannot fix a program, that took Pederson & Callahan 4 years to break, overnight. The fans need to let him evaluate the program and make the appropriate changes at the end of the season.

    I will continue to watch Matt and Jon for the comments on the Huskers. (I have to I direct the Newscasts on Saturday. I LOVE Sports!!!)

  47. CALGON(e)

    This ain’t no “Ancient Chinese secret, huh?

    Go Big Red

  48. I seem to recall Sam Keller being exactly what we expected before everyone else quit playing.
    What does anyone expect to happen when coach decides to shelf everything that was working and halftime adjustments are naptime.
    Has anyone seen Callahan play the backup quarterback anywhere outside of the last series in a fluke blowout.
    I do totally agree with getting rid of Jim Rose just leave the mic open and we can hear the PA.
    I also thought letting Callahan finish the season made sense but now feel he doesn’t have any clue what to do.

  49. Everyone is getting upset with this coaching staff and all the losses.
    What you might want to do issit back wait for the end of the season and see what these young men say about the problem. You might get a surprise. Maybe some comments were made about he team or some parents were miss treated. You already are hearing about all the problems the Ad was causing

  50. Did I miss something…. was there a game yesterday? Not sure what everyone is yaking about. I haven’t seen the Husker’s play a game yet this season. JJ

  51. I’m really tired of hearing about the Huskers and their losing season. Let’s remember that UNO is #1 in their division in football so let’s start cheering for them! Also UNO Mavs hockey season is just starting so we have something else besides Husker football to talk about.

  52. Cosgrove said that at times the defense did a lot of good things. I have always wondered what they do during halftime. Cosgrove may have actually played Texas AMen since his schemes are dead in the water !!!

  53. Why don’t we make defensive adjustments? “Cos” this is the way I’ve ALWAYS done it!!!

  54. Matt, Can you have The I Team investigate what happened to our offense and defense? they seem to be missing.

  55. hers my take on things. Bill callahan will be fired after the Colorado game. Bo will be hired as head coach after LSUs last game. Tom Rathman will be OC and Marvin Sanders will be DC

  56. Too bad Nebraska can’t have some “Zac Taylor Like” On Field Leadership.

  57. The season is was it is. Things have happened to the NE football program that have moved us to this point. I think the biggest dissappointment for me is the fan base and how they are reacting. We have to keep positive, support the players, and more importantly support the new leadership (now TO) to right the ship. As he said, he may not have the answers, but rest assured he is going to try hard.

    So my message is to all the fans out there; start believing! Upsets happen, and maybe this coming weekend vs. Texas will be that upset. I believe all we need is one win to turn the vibes in our favor.

    A lot of Husker wins throughout history, as well as other programs, have been by lessor players overcoming adversity to achieve great things against a better team. It can happen.

    Let’s go forward, look to the future with great expectation!

  58. Growing up 20 blocks from Memorial Stadium I have been an avid football fan since the days of Bill Jennings. Despite the current season I am still an avid fan.

    I know Nebraska is a “football state”. however, in the last several years I have also become an avid volleyball fan. Why aren’r our No. 1 record-setting volleyball team getting more press? We still have much to be proud of.

  59. Has anyone noticed what Sam Keller’s replacement is doing at Arizona State? Where is Joe Ganz? The cleverest Nebraska player is Adi Kunalic. He switched from soccer to football so he didn’t have to (run and ) kick so much. Since his main job is to kick after Nebraska scores, he has had lots of time to relax.


  60. To all those that say to play Ganz-You are absolutely right on. If the QB competition was as close as the coaches say, then putting Ganz in would make sense. This is Keller’s final year of eligebilty, but Ganz has another year.

    Osborne will not make changes during the season. He cares about the kids enough to know that that will really bother them. He wiil make the necessary changes, we just need to be patient.

    Schick-you are a riot-Keep it up.


  61. I was happy to see that goofy plane and the jumpers removed from the big screen…I’m sure if you were four years old you missed it!!
    Now, if only the players & new recruits would look up there at that big screen and see what can happen to a player or players that leaves his heart and soul on the field (MIKE MINTER)..they would pick up their game!!
    What a bunch of sorry excuses for players, totally heartless!!
    For the balance of the season, issue those players and coaches PINK UNIFORMS, leave them set on the bench and put the vollyball team in…at least they would play w/ emotion in the FLAG FOOTBALL constests we have seen the past few weeks!!
    While we are replacing coaches..PLEASE take it all the way down the ladder to the conditiong coaches as well!! WHERE IS THE HUSKER POWER???

  62. volleyball is a hobby not a real sport that is why it dont matter.

  63. I am so glad we have gone away from that worthless option for that mighty west coast offense!

    In the last three games where we saw a lot of that option, the totals are as follows:
    NU: 1037 yrds total
    OPP: 1616 yrds total

  64. I can hardly imagine how the players must feel about their situation. They know their performance is an embarrassment, more than anyone else. But, they are in a downward spiral that is out of control, and no one, not players or coaches, seems able to bring them out of it. So, why not try some player substitutions, like Joe Ganz. They’ve brought in Castille and Helu with some success, why not Ganz?

  65. To the Husker Players:
    Please ignore all the noise about the football team. That’s our hobby, all of us has-beens. It’s what we do. Just remember to keep the important things important; you’re getting a top-flight education. Also, anyone can have class, poise and integrity when nothing’s wrong. It takes adversity to underscore these traits of true character.

  66. Nebraska is the best team I have ever seen play college football.Let Callahan stay they will continue to show nebraska’s true colors.



  68. ron i said…

    T.O. – PLEASE let the fat lady sing NOW…!

  69. Rose being “sacked” is every bit as much good news as it was when Pedersen was told to hit the road. With Pedersen gone, Rose now told to get the hell out and the pending firing of Callhan, this great Trifecta is nearly complete.

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