Should Nebraska Pull the Plug Now?

The Huskers are a collective mess in Lincoln. Nebraska has lost three in a row for the second time under head coach Bill Callahan. Aside from the on-the-field struggles, the Huskers must deal with the constant distractions associated with an impending coaching change. Rumors are swirling every day about more changes possibly taking place before season’s end.

The only damage control that this current staff can do is win football games. That hasn’t happened, and it doesn’t look like it will. One more loss will mark the fourth straight; that hasn’t happened since 1961.

Not only do you have current players wondering what will happen to their head coach, but you’ve got members of a top-10 recruiting class re-evaluating their oral commitments to Nebraska.

Interim athletic director Tom Osborne has reiterated there will be no staff changes until the end of the season. My question is this: how long can this go on? How long should it go on? What good does it do a program to lose seven consecutive games to close out the season?

I do not think any major changes will be made before the end of the season. Tom Osborne is a man of his word.

I admire Bill Callahan for hanging in there and sticking by his guys. Leaving now might show that he’s giving up on his players and walking out on them. I don’t see it happening.

But I wonder at this point if it might be best for everyone.

What do you think?

Meanwhile, check out this article written by Jerry Magee of the San Diego Union-Tribune.
The title: Callahan has a great haircut, terrible team.


13 Responses

  1. Yes, they should pull the plug now on Callahan & Co to let the new recruiting know these clowns will their coaches.
    This team is lost, the coaches have given up. They all see the handwriting on the wall.
    There will be no bowl, and who would want to watch it anyway?
    (Unless it was the toilet bowl, sponsered by Sani-Flush.)
    Let’s write this year off and move on.
    What a mess.
    Frank Solich and his staff would never have have had a season like this with the staff he had in place when he lost his job.

  2. fire them all.

  3. pull the plug now.what difference does it make now.recruits are probabely thinking already about going somewere else,and if we did manage to go to a bowl,it would be the loser verses loser bowl.bring in Bo and recruits will come.

  4. I understand what Nebraska fans are feeling. But really do you think that just because you aren’t having a perfect season.Do you duck and run from your team.. Im an Hawkeye fan. I support are team no matter if they win or loose. Its just like life you cant win them all.. Just to put this out there Iowa’s record is worse than Nebraska’s. Do you see Iowa City looking to get another coach… Nope.. Just do your best boys.. Thats all we ask.. “Go Hawks”

  5. NO, You don’t pull the plug now.

    You CAN’T. As ugly as it is. Don’t get irrational. There’s only roughly a month left (Nov 23rd). Now is the time to relax, swallow some pride, let things play out, and evaluate what’s out there as possible replacement coaching candidates.

    It would certainly send the wrong message to current players, current recruits, the parents of recruits, and possible head coaching candidates.

    Tom Osborne may wish he’d phrased these a little differently but he must keep his word on these Nationally publicized statements.

    Bill Callahan’s in charge of the football staff and he will be in charge until the season’s over, and he will be evaluated at that time,”
    “Now, the one thing I would like to say is I don’t believe in leaving people dangling, and so I will let you know what my assessment is. I’ll talk to the team and football staff sometime soon and just lay out some things, and we’ll go from there.”

    “But there won’t be any … changes until after the end of the season — and then maybe not at all. We’ll see how it’s going.

    He may have left himself some fudge factor but the question is what does Tom Osborne consider a ‘season’? A scheduled season or do you include a possible Bowl game as an extension to a season. Don’t laugh (or cry) but 2 wins and this could be a prolonged (end of December) event.

    For those of you who want Callahan and Company gone ASAP, the best case scenario is for him to resign or for NU to lose the next 3 games(@ Texas, @ Kansas, and Home to K-State). At that point NU would be eliminated from Bowl contention, and Tom Osborne can inform the coaching staff after the K-state game that the (now insignificant) Colorado game (2 weeks later) will be their last. Osborne can justify not waiting til’ “after the end of the season” with this quote “I don’t believe in leaving people dangling“.

    Keep in mind he’s got to keep the feelings of these young men in mind. Some of these players have 4 year relationships with these coaches and consider them somewhat father figures.

    Go Big Red

  6. I’ll support our team thru thick and thin. NOT the coaches! Callahan and his staff needs to go!

  7. NO!

    Let the season play out, even though the team probably won’t win again.

    TO won’t put the kids through the pressure of winning and a mid-season coaching change-No matter his comments.


  8. To slp the situation in Iowa City is somewhat different in that at least Iowa has been competitive in most of their games.
    I would say appoint Shawn Watson interium head coach and let him finish the season. He may have to find an assitant to take the defense unless Cook wants to pull double duty.

  9. NO way do you throw thw season away… It is interesting that as a fan how quick people turn on you. I believe that we as a team have been out played and maybe out coached, but that happens in sports…Also I think Callahan needs to stay as the head coach, but the defensive staff needs to be changed..bring in BO for that but not Head Coach..I think Coach Callahan has brought in the type of recuits we need at this program..we need to stop being small minded and realize it Footbal a game

  10. Lets go along with TO and not make any hasty changes until after the Colorado game.

    Yes, there needs to be a change, especially after the fact that Nebraska now ranks in LAST place, yes that is correct 119th place in rushing defense.

    Notre Dame ranks 119th in rushing offense, what a game that would be.

  11. “What a mess Tom Osborne started at Nebraska by back dooring Solich in the job. I weas new to leaving in Nebraska and thoght–Who is Frank Solich? AD left as a result and all has been downhill since.” He worked outside the system and now he is one the trying to pull it together. I do agree Peterson wanted to create his own legend and he forgot the people the put him there. You don’t shut out the past but use it to create your future. Callahan should have followed Texas Tech’s lead and let his good buddy go.. It might now cost him his job. Did you see the how Cosgrove adapted to the first of Texas’ touchdowns in the fourth quarter? Well no one else did either. Least of all Texas!!!He can’t think on his feet. As a former football coach–Nice packing them in there with no backup to make the tackle.

  12. After watching Nebraska get bounced the way they did against Kansas the plug should get pulled immediately after this game. That is unbelieveably the worst Husker performance I have ever seen. The players have given up on their coaches. I coach youth football and call a better offense than Callahan. Pull it before it really burns down.

  13. i think they should hire barry switser for coach and does any one know the differencs between thecornhuskers and cornflakes are ……………….cornflakes belong in a bowl

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