The Greatest Team in Husker Sports History?

They sell-out every home game, their fans stick around until the very end, they’re never on the receiving end of blowout losses, and they’ve got a great shot at running the table.

It’s not that long ago that we would’ve used those descriptions in talking about the Nebraska football team.

Not anymore.

The best team on the UN-L campus is the volleyball squad (and has been for some time now). The run they are on right now is incredible. They’ve swept 17 consecutive matches, with their only dropped game coming back in their second match of the year on August 25th.

They’ve defeated eight ranked teams en route to a perfect 19-0 record, the only remaining unbeaten team in the country.

With apologies to everyone, you could argue that Nebraska is now officially a volleyball school. Who would’ve thunk it that the question would be, “Why can’t we be good at volleyball and football?”

It is time to start thinking about this team’s place in UNL sports history.

The 1995 Nebraska football team is widely considered the greatest college football team of all time. The Big Red never scored fewer than 35 points, and never won by fewer than 14 points. They played four ranked teams and beat them by an average of 31 points. The Husker volleyball team has played eight ranked teams and has dropped only one game.

Assuming the 2007 Nebraska volleyball team goes on to win the national championship, you have to put it in the conversation of the best team in UNL sports history. What they’re doing to opponents is exactly what the 1995 team did on the gridiron: absolutely dominate them.

We always entertain conversations of the greatest athletes of all time regardless of sport.

I think this conversation is not only valid, but quite intriguing.

Your thoughts?


19 Responses

  1. i dont know if this is relavent to anything you are talking about in this particualr entry, but i just wanted to say that i am extremly disappointed in the Husker’s so-called fan base. Just today i spoke with a friend who said they didn’t even bother listening to the game because they knew the Huskers would lose. And thats exactly why the Huskers have been losing, because the fans have lost hope. Blame the coaches all you want, do you really think that getting rid of Calahan will matter?
    Probably not. Seriously why buy tickets to a game if you’re just going to get up and leave during the FIRST QUARTER?!?! Hello people; we should be cheering on our team instead of giving up on them.

  2. A sports story mentioning somebody besides the dreadful Cornhusker football team? **faints**

  3. I’m all for sending the volleyball team to Texas this coming weekend to see if they can do better than the regular football team…

  4. UNO Mavericks vs Nebraska Cornhuskers. Seriously! I think it would be a great game!

  5. Very intriquing query there, Mr. Schick.

    The mid ’90’s fotball team was awesome. They had plenty of adversity to overcome.

    The current volleyball team is also awesome. Very little press coverage compared to football.

    Let’s not forget that the AD change affects all Husker sports, including volleyball.

    But, I believe the volleyball team takes the crown. Total domination.

    Go Huskers-all sports.


  6. We really enjoy volleyball and the caliber of play these young women are performing is great. It would be even better if all their games were televised since the coliseum is soldout again.

    To those that think every thread with the word Huskers is about the football team go play ateam sport then comeback lecture everyone. The fans aren’t on the field running the plays or calling them. They’re also not the ones drawing up blocking assignments and pass routes.
    The fans also aren’t the ones in the huddle or missed another tackle or dropped a pass and they aren’t the ones that have to look each other in the face and say I did my best.

  7. I don’t know if Bill Callahan will be around after this year or not. It’s pretty much a moot point now. However, the fans will be here and the boys playing out on the field will be here. And those boys need all the support they can get. Leaving the game early because we aren’t winning, doesn’t help the situation, or the morale of the team. If you seem to give up on them, do you not think that they will not then give up on themselves? There is so much more to sportmanship than just the competition. The fanbase and their behavior is part of that too. Do we really want to after all these years of being known as “the greatest fans ever” want to be known as poor sports or fickle fans? Just what message does that send to other fans, the players/coaches and most important our own children.

  8. I agree. I would watch Husker V-ball if it were on tv. Perhaps KETV should pave the way and show a game.

  9. To all the so-called Husker Fans our there: Blame who you want, the coaches or the AD, but get off the players backs. They’re just doing the best they can. To everyone who left early the last couple of games, if you want to sell your season tickets, I’ll take them of your hands. I’d love to cheer on our boys in person, no matter how things are going. You call yourselves fans? You should be ashamed of yourself. Those boys needs us more now then ever.

    On another note, Watson called the first half of the game and Callahan helped with the defense. Halftime score 16-14. Callahan went back to coaching the offense and left the defense to Cosgrove in the 2nd half. Enough said.

  10. FYI, Husker volleyball games are sometimes broadcast on NET1.

  11. The VB team is awesome to watch!!! UNO is having a Great Year..Go Mavs!! Now all were hearing now is how the new recruits are changing their minds?? The way I look at it is they weren’t in the bag any way. We have good players at NU right now it’s just the caoching and their BS system has let them down. Remember 4 and 5 star players think they’re good 2 and 3 star players know they’re good they just work at it a harder. So let’s get a staff in here that wants to work at it harder and everything will take care of it’s self. A win at TU will be nice, remember the players can do it their guidance is what let’s them down.

  12. We need to pay less attention to the team that is not playing well, and more attention to a national powerhouse, and a team that could be the most dominate college sports team ever! Since 2004 the NU VB team is 115-5! Are you kidding me? And they get hardly any coverage. We need to be praising the job that John Cook and his staff have done on getting incredible talent in to the state and knowing how to use it! They lead the nation in the three major statistical categories: hitting percentage, kills, and assists per game, which is rarely done. John Cook knows how to get it done.

    They have spent a total of 81 weeks ranked number one in the nation, including 41 of the last 42 rankings!

    So whoever is hired to be the new football coach should probably spend some time with John Cook and his players and see how to use talent and win, win, win!

  13. get rid of the defense and offense and start again,maybe we will win a game

  14. obtain frost,gill,remington,crouch and lets see what happens.

  15. fire the coaches save us please

  16. Well if this past season has taught us anything, after the Husker Volleyball team lost 3 straight last night, the stands will now start being empty and people will be calling for the coaches to resign and and Athletic Director to get fired. Oh wait, I’m confusing the Football fans with the Volleyball fans.

    Support the teams no matter how they are doing. That’s what being a fan is all about.

  17. “Schick’s Shtick Blog” jinx??

  18. Matt, Callahan can say the Huskers are doing good, but I hate to burst his bubble but the Huskers arent the Huskers we used to know and love when Osborne was in charge. If we go back to the option offense maybe we’ll do good. But i think until then i retire as a Husker fan.


  19. i think they should fire calahan because he does not know how to do his job right. he should go back to the radiers and leave us alone.and let us get someone who knows what he is doing

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