Osborne Speaks

Last week, Jon Schuetz had a one-on-one interview with Tom Osborne. The UNL athletic director had been on the job for a week when he sat down with us to talk about a number of things. The main focus of the interview was Husker football.

We had planned on airing a chunk of it during our “Big Red Zone Gameday” Texas postgame coverage, but our show was cut in half by virtue of the game ending late.

There are some interesting comments from Osborne. You need to watch the interview in its entirety.

You can watch the entire interview on our website.

You can react to it here.


4 Responses

  1. Enjoyed the Schuetz interview with Tom Osborne.

    Also of note is Tom Osborne was a guest in the Texas Athletic Director’s skybox last Saturday. Tom Osborne also went down at the end of the game to greet the players and coaches as they left the field. Osborne ‘evaluating’ this football program is an understatement IMO.

    So Osborne slipped and said “NEW” in reference to coaching. I find it interesting Simi Kuli gave a solid verbal to NU after speaking with Osborne considering Bo Pelini (ESPN flavor of the year) and LSU is also recuiting him. Is there a ‘TELL’ there?

    Sam Keller is out for the season. I still think you’ll see him playing on Sundays. It’ll be interesting to see how a mobile guy (Ganz) who’s got a few years experience in this system can handle this offense.

    It’s hard to defend Coach Callahan’s logic (or lack there-of)when he calls a time-out on 4th and 1 at the Texas 29 with 9 seconds remaining in the first quarter? The play clock hadn’t even started yet. Even a High School coach knows to let the 9 seconds burn to the official time-out for the change of quarter. As a result NU had no time-outs remaining in it’s 2 minute drill to end the first half. It ended up they didn’t need it but what if they had?

    NU needs to win 2 of their last 3 to merely become bowl ‘eligible’. BUT even a 6 and 6 record won’t guarantee a spot due to the Big 12 having 8 bowl slots and the conference ‘head to head’ rule. NU must win 3 of 3 to be ‘guaranteed’ a bowl.

    These are current Big 12 Bowl guarantees over Nebraska.

    1. Kansas @ 8-0
    2. Missouri @ 7-1 (Beat NU)
    3. Texas @ 7-2 (Beat NU)

    This weekend should clear up some of the remaining. There are 7 teams fighting for 5 bowl slots.

    Bowl Eligible Teams near guaranteed over Nebraska

    4. Oklahoma @ 7-1 (needs to win 1 of 4 OR any NU loss for guarantee)
    5. Tex A&M @ 6-3 (Already beat NU. Needs to win 1 of 3 OR any NU loss for guarantee)
    6. Tex Tech @ 6-3 (needs to win 1 of 3 AND any NU loss for guarantee)

    Leaves 2 slots remaining for these 4 teams

    7. Okla ST @ 5-3 (Already Beat NU. Needs 1 of 4 for Bowl eligible. Coupled with any NU loss puts Okla St ahead in pecking order.
    8. K-State @ 5-3 (Yet to play NU. Needs 1 of 4 for Bowl eligible. Beat NU and KSU is eligible and ahead of NU in Bowl pecking order)
    9. Colorado @ 5-4 (Yet to play NU. Needs 1 of 3 for Bowl eligible. Beat NU and CU is eligible and ahead of NU in Bowl pecking order)
    10. Nebraska @ 4-5. In order to beat out Okla ST. NU needs to go 3 of 3 AND Okla ST to go 1 and 4 at best.
    A loss to K-State OR Colorado eliminates NU.

    We’ll likely know as early as 2 weeks (Nov 12th) the future of this coaching staff. If NU is eliminated from bowl contention following the K-State game I believe Osborne won’t leave any coaches “dangling” and inform them Colorado will be their last game. This will of course leak to the media.

    Jon and Matt do a great job as sportscasters at KETV.
    Although I would change the lead-in to the sports segment. It’s the same one as last year. How about some CU basketball, UNO football or hockey, Husker volleyball to go along with 1 Husker football highlight?

    Go Big Red

  2. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I know I heard Tom Osborne say this in the interview: “That’ll depend somewhat on the new coaching staff”

    Did he misspeak? Did he say something he shouldn’t have said just yet? Oh, I wish Jon Scheutz would have pinned him down on that one.

    I think everybody knows Callahan is done. But still, that remark was pretty revealing.

    I also liked Tom Osborne mentioning Brook Berringer…That was cool

  3. I listened online about the interview with T.O.. He said something about the “new” coaching staff. I believe in live interviews many people say things on accident due to the demand for a quick response to a question. Same goes for Calahan in his response to T.O.’s comments. If you listen he responds to a live question he says, ” I believe Tom is a ” Word of his man”.” Giving truth that everyone slips up sometimes on spur of the moment live interviews. Jim

  4. I think the coaching staff lack the basic foundation of trust, camaraderie and support – the attitude – to let the players know without a doubt they stand behind them – good or bad – no matter what. A comment was made by Mr. Callahan about needing to let the QB know what mistakes he made and where he went wrong. That is a comment a college coach should not make. It is called a TEAM for a reason. The character development and spirit that was built over years of great coaching and generations of great players and, that had been so strong for so long, is gone. The character development of our kids should be an important component of our system. It seems that has been lost due to the lack of that attitude of the coaching staff. I think that character development is paramount to our kids’ education and growth for teaching basic common strength and team support. Not only for football but, for life. If that approach is concentrated on and unquestionable, a winning season may come more naturally. Like it has proven to do in past years.

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