Shooting From the Hip

But not when I play basketball… I actually have a textbook shooting style.

Depending on what country you’re in.

Center of Attention

Sunday was appropriately dubbed “Senior Day” for the Huskers. There was only one senior to be honored. Aleks Maric had yet another double-double in his home-court finale for Nebraska. The Aussie took apart the Buffaloes (like most teams have done this year) at Devaney Center, going for 17 points and 16 rebounds.

Fans have been known to pile on Maric. But they may not appreciate him until he’s gone.

Maric said after the game that he’s going to take this team as far as he can take it. Otherwise known as Friday. If the Huskers beat Missouri on Thursday, they’ll have round three with Kansas the following day. Ouch.

Kansas leads the season series 2-0 in games, and 163-107 in points.

Tough Weekend for Jays

The Creighton Bluejays have to wait a week before learning their postseason fate. That’s the downside to the Missouri Valley Tournament schedule. It’s played a week before the rest of the conference tournaments, giving it some national exposure (title game on CBS). But win or lose, you have to wait ten days to play another game. That makes as much sense as teams waiting a month to play another football game.

The Jays put up a good fight against Drake on Saturday. But when the opposition is just flat-out better than you, there are only so many strings a two-time Valley coach of the year can pull.

Leading up to Arch Madness, a few colleagues told me they didn’t think Drake could win the conference tournament. I wondered aloud if they had watched any college basketball this season.

I believe the Bulldogs can make a serious run in the NCAA Tournament. Anything short of a Sweet-16 would be a big disappointment for this bunch. Honestly, I don’t think we’ve seen this good of a Valley threat in quite a few years. But as Altman says, it’s all about matchups.

For all the ups and downs of this Creighton season, Altman did a heckuva coaching job. Getting that many new faces to step on the court and play together is a task unto itself, not to mention when you’re dealing with an ego or two. As long as these younger guys learned from the vets about how to go about their business, the next few years of Creighton basketball should be exciting. But as Altman says, “Just because you’re a year older doesn’t mean you’re a year better.”

Staying Alive

The UNO hockey team survived the longest game in the program’s 11-year history, beating Alaska 2-1 in triple overtime Sunday night at Qwest Center. The Mavs’ season lives on; they’ll face Michigan in the next round of the CCHA playoffs.

After tidying up following the 10 o’clock newscast, I grabbed a camera and headed over to Qwest to try and catch the game-winning goal. I walked into the building just as the horn sounded.

I have no one to blame but myself. And that egregiously long light on 10th and Dodge.

And our hour-long newscast.


2 Responses

  1. I bet when the horn sounded at the Qwest in the overtime, the crowd went nuts. I wish I could have been there. GO MAVS!

  2. What remained of the crowd did go nuts. I, on the other hand, was stuck in the bowels of the Qwest.

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