NCAA, We Hardly Knew Ye

The sports scene around these parts does not lend itself to too many quiet days. The NCAA Tournament barely had a chance to roll the buses out of town before we shifted gears to Nebraska football.

Before we talk Huskers, a last thought about the madness that was.

Omaha did a fabulous job with its tournament brackets. Creighton’s staff worked long hours to impress the NCAA (and to put on a good show) and pulled it off. A few Creighton employees were asked by the NCAA to stay at a downtown hotel all week since they would be too tired to drive home at night. Luckily, sports information director Rob Anderson lives out of his car anyway, so it couldn’t’ve worked out any better.

We can get so spoiled. Even while having the NCAA Tournament in our own backyard, I found myself watching other tournament games on television thinking, “Why couldn’t we have had some of those games?” Seriously, first and second round games are supposed to be the source of the madness. Unfortunately, we didn’t see one shining moment the entire weekend. Kansas State and USC attempted to put on a show, but the refs knew that what the fans truly wanted to see was a free throw shooting contest. Boy, those are fun.

Qwest Center was made for the opening weekend of the big dance. Sure, hosting a regional final would be nice, but the excitement happens the week before. At least, in theory. If Omaha isn’t in a consistent rotation for hosting the first and second rounds, I’ll be shocked. The next available slot is in 2011.

Maybe by then we’ll have a new ballpark, too.

BTW, thanks to the Kansas Jayhawks for being good sports in our Sunday night story.   Can you tell Jeremy Case is friends with Nick Bahe?  Both performances could merit an Oscar.


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