2009 College World Series

The field is set. 

Texas, Arizona State, Cal State Fullerton, Southern Mississippi, LSU, North Carolina, Virginia and Arkansas.

It is obvious that northern schools have a competitive advantage in college baseball.  When are the southern schools going to catch a break?  Right.

Here are your opening matchups for the double elimination tournament:

Bracket One (SATURDAY)

1:00pm Arkansas vs Cal State Fullerton

6:00pm LSU vs Virginia

Bracket Two (SUNDAY)

1:00pm  North Carolina vs Arizona State

6:00pm  Texas vs Southern Mississippi

I’ll take North Carolina in bracket one, and Fullerton in bracket two.

My national champ:  Cal State Fullerton.

Who do you got?


One Response

  1. Were you peeking off my bracket Matt?? I got the same as you do!

    Bracket I: I like Cal St over Arkansas & LSU over Virginia.
    Winner of Cal St. & LSU: Cal St.

    Bracket II: I like NC over ASU & Texas over Southern Miss.
    Winner of NC & Texas: NC.

    Then I have Cal St. taking it all.

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