Back in the Saddle Again

I received a comment from a viewer on my blog which spoke about the death of Michael Jackson and how much he will be missed.  That’s when I knew it was time to post another entry.

I was on vacation for about 10 days, travelling to Pittsburgh, PA, Oakland, MD and Rochester, NY.  Now, I’m back in Omaha, NE.

So, I’m gone for one week and miss the biggest event of the post-CWS doldrums:  the cameo appearance of Alex Gordon as an Omaha Royal.  I almost canceled my entire vacation when I heard he was going to be playing at Rosenblatt Stadium, but then decided the airline fee would be too great to justify it.

My favorite part about vacation is the total absence of exercise;  I’m pretty sure I gained about six pounds.  Visiting family usually entails a lot of sitting and eating.  Which makes it fairly similar to my everyday life.

Since someone posted a comment about it, I’ll throw in a thought about Michael Jackson.  I owned the “Thriller” single and we (sister and I) would play it on our little Fisher-Price record player, and run around in a circle in the family room during the entire song.  It was fun, but became a somewhat awkward diversion once I turned 21. 

In all seriousness, he was quite an entertainer.  We played his hits while driving up the east coast to Rochester. 

Most underrated/underplayed song on Mr. Jackson’s opus:  Speed Demon.

Hard to believe the college football season is creeping up on us.  Big 12 Media Days take place in Dallas in just two weeks.  Will the Huskers be returning there in December?  Plenty of fans I talk to seem to think so.  It would be the natural next step after coming within a win over Missouri of winning the North in 2008.  Kansas will have something to say about that.  Could the Huskers possibly lose in Lawrence for the third consecutive time?


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  1. Nebraska will beat the Jayhawks and the Tigers this year and take the Big 12 North, then lose in a close rematch with the Sooners in the title game. It will still be worth the trip to Texas to see the Cornhuskers back in the title hunt.

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