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Quentin Castille Kicked Off Team
Saturday, August 22, 2009

Statement from Bo Pelini:

“Quentin Castille has been dismissed from the football team. He is no longer a member of the football team. We have guidelines, we have policies that we’ve set up here, we have a culture we have set up here. It’s pretty black and white my expectations and what we lay out as a staff, and if someone doesn’t follow those policies and guidelines, they’re no longer going to be with the program, and that’s the case with Quentin. We wish him luck. He’s a good kid, he’s just not going to be with our program anymore. I wish him luck in the future.”

That leaves Roy Helu as your #1, and likely freshman Rex Burkhead at #2.  Lester Ward, Austin Jones and Collins Okafor are also fighting for time, while Marcus Mendoza may have to get reacquainted with the I-back position after switching to receiver in the Spring.


Making a Change
Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Perhaps you’ve read about it on a blog or heard about it on an internet message board.  If that’s the case, it must be a slow day on said blog or message board.

After four years at KETV, I will be leaving my full-time position to pursue a job in radio.

Things change, circumstances change, and sometimes it’s simply time for a change.  I’ve always lived by the mantra that if you’re not growing, you’re dying.  After four years as KETV’s weekend sports anchor, it’s time to grow in another direction.  I get so much joy out of being at the desk on the 6pm and 10pm newscasts.  KETV gave me the chance to produce what I hope were entertaining stories and sportscasts, handing me the creative license to carve out my own niche.  However, as I stared at my fifth Husker football season at KETV, I wasn’t sure I could give it everything it deserved.  That’s when I knew it was time for a change.

I will be co-hosting a morning sportstalk show on 1620 “The Zone” from 9am-12pm Monday through Friday.  Former Creighton Bluejay Nick Bahe will join me in this new venture.  He and I have worked together before, albeit with Bahe being the subject of one of my stories.  He is eager to break into the broadcasting business on a consistent basis, while I am looking for a new challenge.  Together, we hope to put out a product that is slightly above a train wreck.

I will still write occasionally on this blog and you will still see me from time-to-time on television.  I will remain on in a part-time capacity, anchoring our Big Red Zone coverage throughout much of the year while  helping out another night or two during the week.  I thank KETV for allowing me to keep my foot in the door, as I believe in my heart that my future is in television.  But right now, the time is right to pursue another avenue for professional growth.

I thank you for inviting me into your living rooms every weekend for the last four years.  Now I hope you will allow me into your car.