Nebraska La-Lafayette Reaction

Please post your comments on the Nebraska vs Louisana-Lafayette game here.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. It’s been a very busy time! Thanks for all your support, and I hope you’ll continue to post comments here and call into the radio show. 9am-12pm, Monday through Friday on 1620 The Zone.



5 Responses

  1. What happened to Larry Assane? Did he get hurt doing a celebration jump with team members? What kind of injury is it and how will it affect Larry’s future playing time?

  2. good game, good win.

  3. Larry Asante, I think, sprained his ankle while returning it for 74 yards and the TD…but, he is fine. Thenarse on the other hand is “out for a while.”

  4. Looked good. I have a good feeling about the Mizzou game next week…however…the Kansas game is the one I’m a little worried about. Overall, though, I think we’ve improved immensely from last year.

  5. Man, I am so pumped for the Missouri game this Thurs.


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