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  1. what is up with bo. he should have keep his mouth shut whe the refs called that call

  2. Did you hear Pelini say after the game were a “work in progress”? Does that sound familiar? Nebraska is just an average team no big 12 championship game for them or a BCS bowl.

  3. Nebraska was beat much worse than the score showed. If that QB could have thrown just a teenie bit better we would have been killed. With other good teams we will be.

    Bo losing his cool as bad as he did over a call by the refs was disappointing. He has done that before, so it’s not like he just Lost it this one time. Getting penalties like that, from the Head Coach are inexcusable.
    It’s immature to have a tantrum that costs the team.

    At this point, Pelini has alot to improve on to compete with the best coaches.

  4. Lets face it we are not on top right now but we are headed in the right direction. No one expected that we’d win every game the first year into it. Especially after what we had the last 4 years.

    You have to give the huskers credit they did not quit. They kept trying. They showed some grit and that is important.

    What we Husker fans need to do now is get behind them. Let them know that they can count on us through thick and thin. WE ARE THE HUSKER NATION and that is what we do!

    The rest of you cry babies and pesimsts can take a flying leap! Or better yet move to a different state we do not need you here.

  5. Have been a Nebraska fan since Bob Devany….seen many ups and downs for all coaches inbetween then and now…the firing of Callahan was upsetting for me and as I watch and listen to the games this season, it reaffirms my thoughts that it is the TEAM who needs to improve and get better…..sure Pelini loses his temper but can imagine how frustrating this all has to be….as it was, certainly, for Bill Callahan…..and out of their hands as far as I see….they each must feel motivated but also in control of how they play the game….I do not know how a coach can “give” that to them or if that is possible…yet look at the teams who play that way….it is sad for Nebraska for sure….but I am happy Bill Callahan is with the Jets and in a much better place….some things can’t be “fixed” or changed without the will of the players….and they were right in defending Pelini as it is not something he can do for them…..the calibre of the players has changed I think, with a few exceptions, and you know who they are….wish them only the best as this season progresses….Texas Tech looms out there……:-( then Iowa State, with it’s own problems… my daughter is in the Doctorate program at ISU so I fly both flags game day….by the way, my provider in Harlan is bringing Hi def to the area and Versus is one channel we will be receiving….hope it is all in and working by the l8th….
    Thanks for your coverage and for the laughs thrown in there…wish it could have been more in Callahan’s direction as he gave his best and really wanted to coach Nebraska….

  6. Dear Matt,

    Try not to insult Nebraska’s intelligence with your Carl vs Bo story.

  7. Denise –

    Glad you enjoyed it.


  8. Matt … where are you? I’ve missed seeing you on TV. I’m sure I missed something but need to know! A huge fan!

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